The attention of the Ashanti Youth Wing has been drawn to a voice recording of Hon. K. T Hammond in which he slammed the Ashanti Regional Chairman, Bernard Antwi-Boasiako (Wontumi) with various unfounded claims. This unfortunate action of the Member of Parliament for Adansi Asokwa demonstrates a blatant disrespect for authority and even the party in general just because he was not granted his suppossed birthright of contesting unopposed in the upcoming parliamentary primaries as always since the year 2000.

In his unchecked verbal diarrhoea, he compares the likes of Former Chairman F. F Anto and former chairman Yaw Amankwa to Chairman Wontumi, seeking to belittle the know how of the latter. We wish he could compare himself to the likes of Hon Isaac Asiamah who has been contested in the party primaries since 2000. For the records, chairman Wontumi has total regard for these invaluable predecessors of his and always seek their advice in making good decisions for this party. That is far better than his total disrespect for all manner of persons within the NPP.
Is he the only member of parliament in the region? How exceptional is he from the many others who are being contested.

The way and manner he dismissed the highly esteemed Regional Chairman with demeaning remarks is condemned outrightly by us all, although he has already drawn sharp criticism from some well-meaning Ghanaians.

Hon. Hammond has smeared the leadership of the party well enough and it’s about time we put him in his right place. For him to have the temerity to denigrate the Regional Chairman in that manner only means that the other regional officers, by extension, are all targets of his invectives and verbal assault. The honorable member of parliament thinks he must be worshipped like a demigod. What kind of MP does he see himself to be that he thinks everyone including the famous chairman Wontumi must submit to his whims and caprices. How enviable is his political record in previous parliamentary elections? Does he see himself a better MP because he wins elections with some 4,000 vote difference? He should give us a break.

We are therefore issuing a strong warning to him to desist from lashing out vitriol at the leadership of the party before he’s put in his right place. Enough of his self acclaimed popularity.

By this release, we’re openly declaring our support against him in the upcoming primaries. We shall Marshall all forces and our energies to make sure he loses the contest. If he is the only person to retain the seat for us as he always claim, let us lose it. That would not be the first time the party would lose a seat to our opponents. We shall further drag him to the party’s disciplinary committee for openly calling the party’s stronghold chairman a boy. Enough is enough.

Dennis Kwakwa
Regional Youth Organizer


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