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End SARS: ‘Buhari must go’ – Nigerians in Ghana chant

Nigerians living in Ghana’s capital, Accra, are clamoring for the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari after the bloody shooting at Lekki tollgate on Tuesday, October 2020.

A protester who spoke to said that Buhari’s failure to deliver on his promises has caused untold hardship on Nigerians.

The Nigerians converged at the High Commission on Wednesday, October 21 to protest against bad governance, corruption, police brutality, and extra-judicial killings of the youth.

“What we need now is for Buhari to step down, Buhari must go and they should end the SARS,” she said amid loud chants from protesters.

“We need the freedom, we want the freedom because most people are crying they are in pain. How would you be in Nigeria and there is no light. We in Ghana here, most of the guys are not supposed to be, because the government is bad,” she said.

The protesters wielded placards with the inscriptions: “This is a long walk to freedom, and we must walk it!!!”, “We must not divide or tire out!”, “So we the youths are Nigeria itself”, WE ARE NIGERIA”.

“The Nigerian government is very bad. Yes! I am saying it here, I am not happy, I am not even proud of Nigeria because Buhari is outside there now enjoying while we are passing through pain, this is not the agreement, this is not what Buhari promised us. This is a different thing we are seeing entirely,” she added.

Meanwhile, speaking in a separate interview, some protesters who were at the same protest have accused the Buhari-led administration of sponsoring terrorism.

“Let it be on record that the Nigerian government is sponsoring and supporting terrorism. At this point, some of my friends were at the rally yesterday and I am calling them today, they can’t even pick. I don’t know whether they are alive or not. They are killing our brothers and sisters who are peaceful protesters we want the world to know,” he told correspondent in Accra.

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