Electoral Commission Presents Immaculate Supplementary Legally-based Reasons to the Supreme Court for Rejecting the Current Voter Card for Re-registration


Fellow Ghanaians, you cannot tell if someone is unintelligent or intelligent without doing a comparison. There must be a yardstick by which you measure something to prove whether it is right or wrong. In the vacuum or absence of such yardstick, we do not stand the chance of judiciously telling if something is right, thus conforming to acceptable norms, standards or not. There must first be a known acceptable norms in place to creditably compare something with to tell how defective or otherwise, the thing being assessed is.

Following the ongoing brouhaha over the Electoral Commission’s (EC) resolute determination to compile a new credible voter register for the country and for election 2020 to be more precise, the Supreme Court of Ghana directed both the EC and the opposing NDC to submit to the court their supplementary legal-based reasons for their actions by Monday, 8 June 2020.

Many a Ghanaian may have noticed by now that the EC is rejecting the current voter’s card in possession of people in and outside Ghana, who claim to be Ghanaians, and have the right to vote, to re-register them onto the new credible or more credible voter register they have adamantly decided to prepare for Ghana for election 2020 and onwards. They believe some of the current voter cards as held by people were not obtained by strict conformity to the tenets or stipulations of the 1992 Ghana Constitution. Therefore, the card could not be accepted as proof of one’s Ghanaian nationality, knowing it is only Ghanaians that are allowed to have voter’s card and are eligible to vote at Ghana general elections.

The EC quote Article 42 of the 1992 Constitution to buttress their argument for rejecting the current voter’s card as one’s proof of Ghanaian identity that legitimises them to vote at Ghana general elections. The NDC also quote the same Article 42 to support their argument that the holders of the current voter’s card have the right to use it as their proof of Ghanaian identity to be re-registered onto the new voter register intended by the EC.

Who is a Ghanaian that has the right to be registered onto Ghana’s electoral roll to cast their vote at general elections? Please read the Ghana Constitution on Article 42. You will find who is a Ghanaian and how one can become a Ghanaian. Check the following web link that briefly highlights Article 42.


Are the NDC right to insist on accepting the current voter’s card for one’s authentic proof of their Ghanaian nationality, going by how the card was obtained as explained in the above web link publication content? No!

One should not be a lawyer to know the law. Fellow Ghanaians, from the web link below, be honest with yourselves to tell which of both parties, either the EC or the NDC, is making sound legal-based argument to support their position.

EC cites 2012 Supreme Court decision as legal basis for new voters’ register

Further to the EC’s arguments, please read the following web link which is a bit more comprehensive.

EC Files Legal Basis For Refusing Existing Voter ID Cards

It is like two pastors quoting the same bible verse but each interpreting it differently to suit their objective. While one will interprets it as it is and meant for, the other one will twist it to suit their parochial and mischievous intents.

Truly, it has been established how the NDC are incompetent through and through. From their legal submission to the Supreme Court as contained in the web link above, both their lawyers and communicators are nothing but incompetent loudmouthed persons not worth their salt as politicians.

The verdict to be pronounced by the Supreme Court is CLEAR as said by a small boy in Bono region in a video saying, “Me hunu no Clear” – I clearly saw him.

To make such a low hit or below the belt punch legal argument, I don’t want the NDC to come out to say someone is sleeping in the same bed with another if the favourable verdict does not go their way. Based on their fatuous submission, if I were a judge evaluating both arguments, I would not hesitate to decide how the verdict should go.

Rockson Adofo, the proud fearless son of Kumawu/Asiampa soil, overflowing with a fountain of wisdom, is not a lawyer but he is more than a lawyer. Do you know why? It is all because he is not selfish, not greedy, loves his nation and people and is at the service of his nation and humanity. Therefore, he tells the truth as he sees them. He prefers telling the truth to travel on a trotro bus to lying to travel in a luxury car. He prefers telling the truth to walk to telling lies to travel on a plane.

Whoever makes the truth their armour, will be more than a lawyer. Are lawyers and judges not there to tell the truth? Therefore, if you make the truth your daily bread, you are more than a lawyer or a conqueror. NDC and Ghanaians, please let us tell the truth to build a prosperous nation for ourselves and our offspring.

Ghana judges, please let the truth come out in the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute of which I see myself as a vessel appointed by God to reveal the truth to the public. Most of you have strayed from the path of truth contrary to the ethics of your legal profession all for your love of corruption hence the respect that you have lost and the open public ridicule that some of you do suffer.

Let me end up here to go shopping but before then, let me dedicate this publication to my brothers and sisters, in-laws, wife and friends, children and grandchildren, nephews and nieces, and all discerning Ghanaians worldwide.

Rockson Adofo

Tuesday, 9 June 2020


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