’Elections are not won on parks’ – NPP chairman tells Navrongo Central NDC


The Navrongo central constituency chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Anthony Kofi Mensah, says the crowd the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) pulled at the COS Park in Navrongo during the Independence Day parade last week Friday was nothing special and would not affect the fortunes of his party.

He says the NDC was able to pull the huge numbers to the parade grounds because they have finished their primaries and have concentrated on throwing their support on the back of the Parliamentary candidate, unlike his party which was yet to decide who leads the constituency into the Parliamentary election.

Mr. Mensah, who had travelled out of the area and could not witness the Municipal Assembly’s celebration in Navrongo, said although he heard and saw videos of how members of the NDC poured out to participate in the national event, that could not pass as a fact that the ruling government has lost popularity in the area.

Mr. Mensah said the NPP remains unperturbed by the propaganda of their counterparts because elections are not won on parks. He told the NDC to stop living in the dream that it would snatch the Parliamentary seat from the NPP.

Chairman Tony accused the NDC of trying to discredit some of the good policies of the government. He said the NDC lacked the understanding of the Free SHS policy and that was the reason they labelled it as fraudulent.

“What the NDC did was propaganda, which everyone knows them to be good at. I wasn’t at home at the time. I was out of town so I can’t speak much on that issue but I have seen videos from some of the NDC guys on Facebook of how they childishly went in their numbers to try and confuse the people on the good policies of this government.”

“what I know is that the NDC went and disgraced themselves at the independence parade. They went and said free SHS is not good but it not true. How can you say a policy like free SHS is 419 or fraudulent? This is a policy that has greatly helped parents save monies which could have gone into payment of school fees and they are using such monies to undertake other useful ventures.

“What my friends in the NDC have failed to understand is that elections are not won on parks. They can never win an election with what they did there. They can’t take the parliamentary seat. So they should stop saying they humiliated the NPP,” he said.

The chairman dispelled the allegation that some members of the executive body were working underground with the Regional Minister against the incumbent Member of Parliament.

He added that it was against the constitution of the party for any executive to champion the personal interest of candidates.

He advised members of the party who have concerns to write formally to the party office for amicable solutions and desist from making up stories that can damage the democratic credentials of the party.

The chairman said the party would team up for whoever comes out victorious in the primaries to strengthen the chances of the NPP in the December election.

In a related development, Mr. Anthony Kofi Mensah has thrown a challenge to the constituency chairman of the National Democratic Congress to debate him at a public forum. He said it would create a healthy ground for both political parties to sell their interventions and ideas to the electorate.


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