Election 2020: Stop calling us prostitutes, let your campaign focus on issues – Gender Minister to ‘abusive’ male candidates


Gender Minister, Cynthia Mamle Morrison, has described men who hurl derogatory names on women as weaklings that need to be fished out from the system.

According to her, cowards are the only ones who resort to insults and personality attacks on people when they don’t get what they desire.

Often, accomplished women in the country are perceived to have had their way to higher positions by sleeping with men.

This stigmatization behind every woman’s success, Mrs Morrison says, is worrying because it hinders many women from achieving their goals.

The Gender Minister cited an example where she had been labelled a prostitute, Jezebel and even a witch by others because she of the success she has chalked as a politician.

“Every woman is a prostitute, and even on my social media; I have a platform in my constituency, they put on it that I’m a prostitute, they put on it that she’s a Jezebel, they put on it that she’s a witch and they say worse because they don’t get their way through you to get exactly what they want but any man that does that is a coward”.

“It is competition. If you’re competing, you don’t need to bring down your opponents, you don’t need to stigmatize the person and say things that are not true about your opponents for you to get votes. You don’t do that but I say, all men who do that are weakling,” she added.

She quizzed why some men, instead of basing their arguments on facts choose to attack the personality of women with untruths with the idea of tarnishing the person’s image.

“You know, because if you’re a strong man and you believe that you have your facts right, you’ll base your campaign on issues, you will not be there to destroy because I don’t see why I should destroy somebody. Even at my campaign rounds, I refuse to mention my opponent’s name because if you do then you’re giving the person popularity. But they go round and they mention and they’ll say all sorts of things… If men want you to be a bootlicker and they don’t get it then they would brand you but the brand does not stick.”

She further called on all Ghanaian woman to be bold and not be unshaken by the attacks against their personality.

“So women should be bold and focused; that is what Nana Konadu told us that we should be bold. We will be bold and be determined and be focused because I know myself and I know whatever they’re saying is not true. So to my women, if you want to dare into political space, do it don’t just listen to anybody. Your maturity, your character sticks more than whatever they’ll say,” she advised



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