Election 2020: NPP regional treasurer calls for unity in Ellembelle for victory

Ms. Anna Horma Akaisi Miezah, the Western regional treasurer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) on Sunday the 5th of January, 2020 organised a New year Party for the New Patriotic Party faithfuls in Ellembelle Constituency in Western Region.

She also used the opportunity to celebrate babies named after her in the area.

The new year get-together saw many people within and outside the Ellembelle Constituency attending.

The get-together was meant to foster unity and cohesion among feuding factions created during the parliamentary primaries in the Ellembelle Constituency.

Those in attendance also included children from the Awiebo orphanage and party communicators in the constituency who were treated to sumptuous dishes and assorted drinks.

Ms. Horma took the opportunity to address the audience on the need for people to be vigilant in terms of their personal security and also encourage the people of Ellembelle to vote massively for the NPP to enable the government continue with its implementation of social intervention policies that the people of Nzema, regardless of political affiliation are benefitting from today.

She also encouraged the youth to take advantage of the free SHS policy to get some meaningful education to support themselves and their families.

She, therefore, stressed on the need for the NPP to be united in the constituency to be able to wrestle the Parliamentary seat from the opposition NDC.

“The Parliamentary primaries is over and there is no longer Horma or Bonzoh camp, we have only one camp which is the NPP camp being led by Hon. Bonzoh K who has been elected as the parliamentary candidate for Ellembele, so we should all rally behind him, and support him to win the seat for the NPP”, she said.

The people on their part were very grateful to the Regional Treasurer for not abandoning the Constituency after losing to Kwasi Bonzoh in the Primaries and for her continued humanitarian acts for the people of Ellembelle.

The party apparently had brought them all together to once again rekindle the spirit of cohesion and to also energised the base of the party, for members to go all out to campaign for the NPP in Ellembelle.

To them, this has never happened before in the Constituency.

This is the second time within this year’s festive season that the Western Regional Treasurer, Ms Horma has organised a get-together for NPP faithfuls within the Region ahead of Election 2020.

A similar Party was organised on 28th December 2019 at Grand Favour Hotel in Takoradi for all Constituency Treasurers and Financial Secretaries in the Region on the theme: “Resourcing the Party in the Region for victory in 2020”.