EIU REPORT : EIU predicts defeat for Mahama in 2020


The Economist Intelligence Unit, which has been observing our governance, economy and elections since 1992, is only telling us that the alternative is still scary because it is John Mahama Again.

EIU knows what every Ghanaian knows all too well: that the NDC destroys for 8 years; for the NPP to fix the NDC mess to rebuild for 8 years; for the NDC to return to destroy again; for the NPP to come and build again. That is why Ghana doesn’t move forward much. We build for them to destroy!

In 2000, the NDC left Ghana as a highly indebted poorest country. It took President Kufuor four years to fix that and another four years to rebuild the infrastructure, introduce major social interventions, expand the economy to create jobs, and discover oil in commercial quantities.

The NDC returned after 2008, to destroy what they could, enjoy what had been built, and waste all the resources that Kufuor and the NPP left behind and left us almost like 2000, (in debt) going back to the IMF begging them to run our economy for us.

President Akufo-Addo has come to use this first four years to fix the John Mahama mess, support poor families and farmers with bumper harvest, reviving the NHIS and bringing free SHS etc.

Ghana again has discovered oil, even bigger than 2007! And this is all in the first four years!

This NPP government is investing in education and that affects everybody and offers the fastest route out of poverty

Now guess who is waiting to destroy it all? The same John Mahama who destroyed it all! The problem this time is not so much the NDC itself but the very president who brought us all the hardships and got the heaviest defeat ever is coming back because he left his toffee at Jubilee House!

We should just keep faith with Akufo-Addo and the NPP.