Duncan Williams, Agyin Asare, others cause of Ghana’s woes – Prophet Francis Kwarteng


Leader and founder of the House of Power ministries, Prophet Francis Kwarteng has claimed that the refusal of some pastors to obey certain God-given instructions is the reason for Ghana’s rise in coronavirus cases.

He said the likes of Arch-Bishop Duncan Williams, Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare, Apostle Onyina, and other church leaders have been given strict instructions by God, which when adhered to will completely combat the spread of coronavirus in Ghana.

But they failed to tell President Akufo-Addo when they were invited to the Jubilee House.

“God revealed to me that the country should provide a robe and incense as through these items, he will deliver this country. The president was supposed to be informed about this. Duncan Williams, Agyin Asare and other pastors who were invited to meet with the President should have told him about this but they kept shut. They were supposed to tell the president for him to relay the information to Ghanaians,” He stated

He said the more these pastors remain silent about what is ought to be done, the more the country will suffer for it.

“Why are you suppressing God’s blessings for the country? You are aware this is how God wants to deliver us from the deadly pandemic but you pastors are not speaking about it. God said I should tell you that you have failed him. Pastors in this country are failing God,” he added.

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