Dr. Nuamah Visits Shrine At Tepa For Charm To Induce Delegates For Votes


Dr. Nuamah Visits Shrine At Tepa For Charm To Induce Delegates For Votes 

By Kelvin Kofi Owusu Ampratwum

Not long ago, Dr Samiu Nuamah and some of his close counterparts namely; OT, KK and George travelled to Tepa to consult a popular shrine called Apape.

Further more, some months ago, out of desperations to hold on to power, these same personalities went to Benin and other places to sort for juju powers to work against Mr. Vincent Frimpong Manu, Dr. Kingsley Nyarko, Dr. Dwamena also known as Dr. China and the constituency’s delegates, all with the agenda to win the Parliamentary elections.

With one of the shrines Dr. Nuamah visited, he was directed by the juju man to wear one attire for three months in order to hypnotize the delegates to vote in his favour, and Dr. SK Nuamah obediently wore the same attire for three consecutive months as was witnessed by a majority in the constituency.

A close ally of Dr SK Nuamah revealed that, the brain behind Dr. Nuamah’s search for charm and consultation of shrines is to induce Vincent and Dwamena to do whatever he asks of them and also to deteriorate the health of Kingsley, so he could go unopposed.

Delegates of Kwadaso are therefore to be extremely careful with the ill intent of Dr Nuamah who has already taken the names of the delegates to a shrine so that once a delegate takes his money, his juju would work on such a delegate, and would hypnotize the person to vote for him even if it is against the will of such a delegate.

Delegates should therefore be very wary not to take Dr. Nuamah’s money induced charm to render their future in chaos.


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