To say that Dr. Gideon Boako made a mincemeat of John Jinapor on Newsfile would be the biggest understatement of the century. Jinapor was beaten to a pulp by the astute economist and spokesperson for the Vice President, Dr. Bawumia,

It felt like a heavy yoke had been placed on Jinapor after Dr. Gideon Boako took his (Jinapor’s) inscrutable economic theories to the dustbin with simple, logical, sound and factually accurate data.

Breezing into the studio with a combative and aggressive posture, John Jinapor started bandying figures around, verbosely chanting and ranting about how authentic his figures were, and challenging Dr. Bawumia’s data used during the KNUST event.

After his bellicose presentation of his so-called data, Dr. Boako intellectually schooled Jinapor of his insufficiency when it comes to the use of data and its appreciation.

Jinapor’s basic knowledge in Economics was exposed by Dr. Boako who pointed out to Mr. Mahama’s aide, on several occasions that his facts and figures were fictive and went on to enlighten him on how these numbers work.

Jinapor’s data on the agricultural sector was disputed by Dr. Boako and corroborated by Dr. Turkson, a panelist on the programme.

On the increase in electricity tariffs which Jinapor loftily and loudly disputed as contained in Dr. Bawumia’s address to the nation, Jinapor attempted to counter it with how much was paid for power and how much is being paid today in terms of kilowatts of power consumed.

Jinapor said we are paying more today but Dr. Boako schooled him on the matter, showing him and listeners and viewers how much we would have paid today if the NDC was still in power. According to Dr. Boako, Ghanaians would have paid far more for power today if the NDC was in power, and this, the astute lecturer and researcher used data to show.

Jinapor, once again, in showing his ‘muscles’ in the field of Economics, directed viewers and listeners to a PIAC report concerning some so-called missing revenues from the sector. Gideon taught him where those so-called missing revenues went to, saying they went into the mainstream budget, contrary to the lies John Jinapor was peddling.

Perhaps, the most embarrassing episode was when Mr. Jinapor directed Ghanaians to rely on a news item published by myjoyonline as an authentic source for a data he employed in his not so deductive presentation. Gideon shot it down with a redirection of viewers and listeners to always seek such data from the Bank of Ghana and the Finance Ministry.

In effect, John Jinapor went to Newsfile with fictitious data, and those he got right were wrongfully interpreted. The so-called well rehearsed and prepared document to emasculate Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia was cut into pieces, neatly milled and bundled into a dustbin by the highly intelligent Dr. Gideon Boako.

P.K. Sarpongg, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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