Dr. Bawumia has raised the bar and NDC must find an antidote – Allotey Jacobs


A leading member of the opposition National Democratic Congress, Allotey Jacobs has admitted Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has raised political discourse in the country to a level which is making it very difficult for his party to match up.

Speaking as a panel member on Peace FM’s morning show, Kokrokoo on Tuesday, Allotey Jacobs averred that Dr. Bawumia’s series of intellectual presentations were becoming a worry to the NDC , and expressed concern over his party’s inability to match-up to the Vice President.

“He is doing something that as communicators and party leaders, we should watch out,” said Allotey Jacobs.

“Dr. Bawumia’s lectures target the Intellectual community and then other people who form the structure of our society are also targeted and invited,” Allotey Jacobs said on Tuesday during a discussion on Dr. Bawumia’s delivery at the Government’s Town Hall Meeting on Monday.

Allotey Jacobs, who is also a former Central Regional Chairman of the NDC, said Dr. Bawumia exhibited his intellectual prowess in opposition by delivering a series of lectures, which contributed in sending the NDC out of power.

He added that even in government and in an election year, Dr. Bawumia is repeating same, expressing worry that his part, the NDC, has so far found no antidote to match up to the Vice President.

“He did this kind of presentation while in opposition, and in government too, he has taken over and doing same,” said Allotey Jacobs.

“We weren’t serious and our communication wasn’t cohesive and this ensured that the NPP won the election.”

“Dr. Bawumia has driven into our political space. From 2017 up to now, he has occupied about 2/3 of our political space. We have been criticising him but the more you mention him, the more he resonates with the people,” the former NDC regional chairman added.

Allotey Jacobs expressed both admiration and worry over Dr. Bawumia’s latest delivery at the Government Town Hall meeting in Kumasi, describing the Vice President’s presentation as a separation of propaganda and facts.

“He (Vice President Bawumia) has digitized our communication and he has separated propaganda and facts,” Allotey Jacobs said, in reference to the Town Hall Presentation by the Vice President.

” I won’t even go into the details of his presentation, but I’m looking at it from afar and asking are we going to leave it again when he is occupying the political space? Look, this is greater than what he did at Central University.”

“Look at the people present. Chiefs, this, that; from all our social structure. They were all invited and they were allowed to ask questions.”

“What I’m saying is, who can come forward and punch holes in the presentation of Vice President Bawumia?”

When show host, Kwame Sefa Kayi told Allotey Jacobs that NDC party communicators have already started responding to Dr. Bawumia’s presentation, Allotey Jacob gave a less enthusiastic response.

“They say monkeys play by sizes. That is why I am saying we need someone who can match up to Dr. Bawumia,” Allotey told show hist Kwame Sefa Kayi.


The NDC elder expressed worry over the parties inability to nominate a running mate, adding that Dr. Bawumia is raising the bar to make things even more difficult for the NDC.

” Up to now, we haven’t even nominated our running mate,” Allotey Jacob’s lamented.

“What Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia is doing is that he is raising the bar to the extent that we need somebody like him to interface with him.”

“When you listen to Dr. Bawumia’s presentations, he is very eloquent and he spices his presentations with his twi to make it even more exciting.”

“When you are doing analysis of a person and how to defeat that person, you bring all these things on board. We need somebody at his level to face off with him.”

“Dr. Bawumia has raised the bar and I want to plead with my brother President Mahama to get a running mate who can match up to Dr. Bawumia.”


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