Don’t Miss below facts!!!Flashback(Teachers don’t have short memories) …State of Education Under Mahama

Don’t Miss below facts!!!Flashback(Teachers don’t have short memories) …State of Education Under Mahama

❌1. Teacher Training Allowance was abolished.

❌2. For 4 years John Mahama did not employ graduate teachers.

❌3. Feeding grants for schools in the North of the country were in arrears for two years, with boarding students sent home under the threat of starvation.

❌4. For some 7 years, Capitation Grant (which is the basis for free basic education) stayed at GHS4.50 per pupil and never once increased all the years under Mahama as President.

❌5. In fact, even that paltry amount for Capitation Grant had not been paid for two years by the time Mahama left office. So before Mahama left office he had effectively collapsed free basic education by not paying for it for 2yrs. Never mind free SHS.

❌6. Feeding grants for special schools were also in arrears for 3 years.

❌7. His so-called progressive free SHS, which he started experimenting, and announced would cost GHS71m a year, was not even funded and was in arrears for the two years he attempted to implement it.

❌8. Feeding grants for colleges of education were also in arrears. It was as if there was a deliberate plan by the Mahama Govt to discourage people from making teaching a career.

❌9. For the 8 years of NDC, not a single Core Textbook was bought for public secondary schools. Don’t doubt me, find out for yourself.

❌10. John Mahama spent over a quarter of a billion (including part of World Bank’s $156m for constructing 23 SHS) to build (but not complete) 48 out of 200 community secondary schools he promised.

❌11. Getfund was in debt of over 900 million Ghana Cedis with some contractors owed over 5 years. Don’t ask me how the contractors survived with their bankers on their necks.

❌12. Scholarships students in all foreign countries were in arrears for their stipends for nearly a whole academic year (some 8 months).

❌13. Buses and pickups the Govt did well to acquire and distribute to schools were left unpaid.

❌14. School feeding payments were in many months of arrears

❌15. For the first time, arrears which teachers were entitled to, were cut down to only 3 months!

❌16. For the first time in our nation’s history, teachers were not posted automatically after their training.

Ghana First??????