Don’t Misconstrue the Slogan “Black Lives Matter” and the Subsequent Solidarizing International Public Protests

I am not the formulator of the slogan “Black Lives Matter”. However, I clearly get the import of the mantra and the subsequent solidarizing international public protests aimed at achieving the purpose of the slogan. “Black Lives Matter” is all about sending a clear message to the world that “All Lives Matter” so black people should not killed merely for the abhorrence of their skin colour by the so-called superior white race as may overtly or covertly be sanctioned by the government.
From the way the Black Americans, thus the African Americans, are maltreated in the United States of America (USA), and to be more precise killed, by White police officers at the least or no provocation, having committed or not committed any crime, resisting or not resisting arrest, goes to confirm to any sensible human being that the lives of black people are valueless to the white police officers in the USA.
For so many years, many African Americans’ lives have been unlawfully extinguished by the clearly racist white supremacist police officers with impunity. Whenever they kill them, nothing happens to the obvious murderers in police uniform. The murderers are not punished hence their propensity to continue to take the lives of black people at any least opportunity they get.
Following the gory murder of George Floyd, a forty-six year old African American in Minneapolis on 25 May 2020, by one Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, coupled with so many such unlawful murders of black people with the obvious assassins in police uniform going scot free, the black community in America embarked on both peaceful and violent public protests to draw the attention of the international community and the government of America to the fact that black people have been singled out to be killed more because of their colour than their allegedly criminal actions.
To stop the discriminately killing of black people in America, because black people are human beings who must live equally as the white people even if they are inferior in the eyes of others, they coined the slogan, “Black Lives Matter”. Without embarking on public protests, how could their message and suffering reach the American authorities and the worldwide public? It is unfortunate that their protests have at times, out of bitter emotions that cannot be controlled and should not be controlled until justice is done to them, spilled out of control into violence. This, in my view, does not make them criminals because when you are pushed into a tight corner for far too long, you will by instinct fight back for your sheer life.
Look at the many videos on YouTube showing instances where the white police in America have killed black people for no apparent reasons but just that they are blacks. There is even a video where a white police officer was telling a white driver he had stopped to check her car documents not to be afraid because they kill only black people. There are other videos where some white police officer have come out to confess the training given to them where they are asked or authorised to kill black people and how to do it.
Therefore, it is utterly erroneous for some African immigrants in America, note, not the African Americans, and some white people in America and elsewhere, to say that it denotes racism on the part of those subscribing to the slogan “Black Lives Matter” because every life matters, thus, “All Lives Matter”.
Yes, that is exactly the objective of the protests and the slogan, “Black Lives Matter”. The protestors are in effect telling the world that “All Lives Matter” so don’t kill black people for the fact that they are black. Are there no laws in America to deal with criminals? Are police officers empowered to kill others at whim without the officers’ life firstly established to be threatened or in dire danger? Was the life of police officer Derek Chauvin in danger when he arrested George Floyd? No! Why then should he kneel on his neck to kill him while two of his white racist police officers were pinning George Floyd down with the fourth officer of Chinese descent standing there doing nothing, but in the inside, was consenting to the cold murder of George Floyd?
I am disgusted to see in a video of a black woman in America, and African immigrant by her ascent, castigating the protestors of “Black Lives Matter”. She was condemning them saying there is no white racism in America and that no white police officer was killing any black person and if anything at all, the black people are lazy and must go and look for jobs to do and stop the unnecessary protests.
No wonder that black people will forever be taken for idiots. Here are white police officers glaringly killing black people for no offence committed by the murdered yet, here is a black woman from Africa living in America talking rubbish to compound the suffering of the black people in America. She was saying, my country America is peaceful, I work, and the African Americans had better find job to do and stop their crap. She goes on to ask, what happens or how do you classify it if black people kill their fellow black people? Is it racism, she queries?
To this woman of little mind and a disgrace to the black race because of her inferiority complex, the fact that black kill themselves does not mean that the white racist police officers institutionally indoctrinated to be racist to kill black people are right. Both killings must be condemned in equal strength and manner.
The slogan and the protests are about calling for the lives of black people to be respected same as those of the whites’. It is not about the lives of black people being more important than that of the whites’. No!
There was a white head of a department in a reputable international company. In a meeting with his subordinates, he told them point blank, “I have had my fair share of black people in this job so I don’t want any more blacks employed in the department”. However, the ratio of the employees was 5:1 in favour of the whites. This was complete racism but no any “positive discrimination” since the whites were already by far more than the blacks in that department.
Please, let us understand the problem. Let us fight in solidarity to get rid of it while at the same time advising the African Americans to pursue higher education, find jobs to earn decent living, save money and invest as well as voting en bloc at general elections as a bargaining chip for their collective welfare. They must be selfless, visionary and stay out of the harm’s way.
To those rubbishing the slogan and the protests, how do you find the following videos?
Is it right for the police officers to kill George Floyd for allegedly presenting a US$20 bill to pay for his packet of cigarettes? Assuming he was printing counterfeit American dollar notes for use, why did they not take him to his house to search him if he had got piles of the notes hidden there to find out how and why? Had they the right to take the laws into their own hands to kill him in public in broad daylight the way they did? Could the supposed fake dollar note not have been given to him as a change for something he had previously purchased without noticing? This is a common occurrence for one to be given a fake note or coin in change for something you have bought from a shop without noticing.
When you happen to take say a fake banknote (money) among other genuine ones to the bank for deposit and they discover it, they don’t arrest you but the bank official removes and withholds that note from you. They neither kill nor call the police for you.
To save precious lives, don’t let ignorant people misunderstand or misinterpret the slogan “Black Lives Matter”  for it means “All Lives Matter” so don’t kill black people because of the colour of their skin.
Rockson Adofo
Sunday, 14 June 2020


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