Don’t judge us based on one promise we couldn’t fulfill – Tourism Minister


Ghana’s Minister for Tourism, Creative Arts and Culture, Barbara Oteng-Gyasi, has asked that people stop judging the NPP based on the things they have not been able to do.

Host, Dr. Cann, in a phone interview with the minister on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra, quizzed her about the NPP’s failed promise to build one large theatre in each region, should they be voted into power.

She replied that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) over the past three and a half years of being in power, has done a lot for Ghana, hence it would not be right to decide to vote against them because of one promise that they have not been able to fulfill.

She said, “You cannot base on one thing that we have not done to decide to vote against us. You should analyze holistically, things that we have done to help, all across the country”.

The minister added that she strongly believes if people are to look at things generally, they will realize that the NPP government has done a lot for mother Ghana.

“Not only in my sector but across all the sectors, the development we have done within the period of three and a half years, even me, when I think of it, it surprises me a lot”, she furthered.

The minister explained that the government, while sourcing for funds to undertake that project, took the decision to renovate the cultural centers in various regions which were in deplorable states so that they can be used for the time being.

According to her, for the whole period of the three and a half years, they have completed renovation on the Eastern Region cultural center and are currently on the Ashanti Region cultural center.

“We look forward to renovate the Western region cultural center as well so that is the status of the promise we made on theatres”, Mrs. Oteng-Gyasi concluded.


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