Does Membership of NDC Bestow Bravery on People?


I am just wondering if the mere fact of one belonging to an organization, in this case, National Democratic Congress (NDC), does bestow on the person automatic unrivalled quality of audacity. It is obvious all the members of the NDC, from their leader John Dramani Mahama through to their party executives, Members of Parliament to the ordinary person in the street, act and talk as though Ghana belongs to them and that they hold the lives of Ghanaians in their hands. They say, and act, with the shameless pomposity that they can make or break Ghana at their choosing.

They always make Ghanaians understand that they are of violence background and hold distinctions in perpetration and perpetuation of violence. When they talk and act, the whole nation goes silence. They talk and act as if they were not born of a woman, conceived in nine months. They talk as powerful beings descended from a super sophisticated planet outside our known planetary universe but come to our less developed planetary earth and into the shithole part of it called Ghana, to force their civilization upon us. If that is not the case, what else is, judging from their animalistic, machismo and preposterous manner?

John Dramani Mahama talks and acts as if Ghana is his birthright property and therefore must have absolute right to dictate his wishes to anyone in the country. He must always have the right of way and his wishes must prevail all of the time, he thinks. Without that, Ghana must burn. What an absolute trash by a hallucinating mortal being!

Sammy Gyamfi, Sam George, A. B. A. Fuseini, Asiedu Nketiah, Okudzeto Ablakwah et al, are champions in the propagation of the NDC machismo of death to those who don’t agree with them on their continual manifesting insanity made worse after the declaration of the 2020 general election results by Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensah, the Chairperson of the Ghana Electoral Commission.

When did becoming a member of a political party bequeath to the members the right to act irresponsibly when it suits you, with impunity? Sammy Gyamfi and Sam George, these babies with sharp teeth, courtesy of the late former President Jerry John Rawlings, have the boldness to threaten the Ghana police and military, and only to saunter away with raised shoulders, because they owe Ghana by their simple NDC membership.

Let John Mahama and his bunch of uncivilized NDC executives and Members of Parliament understand that Ghana is not for them alone, and that if they call for Ghana to burn because they could not have their way in election 2020, then so be it. We shall all burn together. For there is an Akan saying that goes, “Any evil fetish priests that calls for his town to burn, will himself burn because he lives there”. Therefore, if Ghana burns like the other neighbouring countries that had suffered civil wars, those NDC guys calling the shots will be consumed by the intended conflagration, I swear God.

When Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany, called for the world to be destroyed by his parochial, selfish and nationalistic sentiments of conquest of the world, he ended up killing himself with his body either burnt to ashes or dissolved in powerful acid. Consequently, if John Dramani Mahama and his selfish NDC leadership are calling for Ghana to be destroyed through NDC conquest, because they could not win election 2020, they will suffer the same ill-fate as they have devised for the country and the innocent lots, similarly as it was the fate of Adolf Hitler.

Let me end here, but not without recommending the following song by Osibisa titled, “Fire will burn you”, for the unscrupulous NDC vampires baying for the blood and flesh of innocent Ghanaians. Death unto those who wish death upon innocent people.

Rockson Adofo


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