Socrates the philosopher once said “when the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser”.
Indeed, Socrates was right.

While listening to Angel FM’s program dubbed “elections eye”, I heard former President Mahama alledging without data that, armed robbery and murder cases are at all time high in the nation’s history which he blamed President Akufo-Addo’s government for negligence and also for not equipping the security agencies.

On records, there is no government in the history of Ghana, pre or post independence era, which has equipped the security agencies than President Akufo-Addo’s government, be it vehicles, arms plus incentives.

Mr. Mahama in the tape, stated that, when he is voted for, he wouldn’t give arms to party vigilante groups who at the end will only use it for robbery and murder.

Some of these issues, though not good to be politicized, must be responded to from the same angel it emanated from.

In fact, if former President Mahama’s claim is true, then, his own party national Chairman, Mr. Ofosu Ampofo must be blamed for most of these occurrences. Not long ago, an audio purported to be Mr. Ofosu Ampofo’s voice was intercepted in which he spelt out NDC plans to rob, attack and kill people so Ghanaians will blame the government in order to give the NDC political advantage.
I don’t think Mr. Mahama is not aware of this.

The NDC presidential candidate who is a former president, seems to have forgotten what happened under his stewardship.
Let me take this opportunity to remind him some few among the many terrible occurrences that happened while he was the President of Ghana and the Commander-In-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces.

1. On 8th February, 2011, the chief of Achiama, Nii Kwartey Djan was gruesomely murdered. Candidate Mahama was the then Vice President of the Republic.

2. On 5th November, 2013, the Chief of Seikwa, Nana Gyimah Ankoana was assassinated in his own house in the Tain Municipality.
Mr. Mahama was the President then.

3. On 13th March, 2014, the manager of Kwaw Kesse, Fennec Okyere was shot dead in his own house in Accra.
Mr. Mahama was the President.

4. On 21st June, 2014, the Paramount Chief of the Nanumba Traditional Area, Naa Dasana Andani, together with three of his family members were murdered at his palace in Bimbila.
Mr. Mahama, you were the President.

5. On 3rd November, 2014, the District Chief Executive for Nkwanta South, Peter Kojo Kenyeso, who was Mahama’s appointee, was shot dead.

6. On 15th September, 2015, Peacefm news reporter, King George Abanga was shot dead while returning from Sankore to Goaso where he had gone to report on alleged stealing of cocoa fertilizers.

7. On 9th February, 2016, the MP for Abuakwa North, J. B. Danquah Adu was murdered in his house at Shiashie, Accra.
Mr. Mahama was President.

8. On 20th March, 2016, the Chief of Sota in Shai Osudoku District, and two others were killed by unknown assailants.

Is the former President by his statement, telling us that he supplied weapons to the killers of the victims mentioned above?
Ghanaians no longer have short memories.

Mr. Mahama told Ghanaians, not long ago, that when it comes to violence, the NPP is nowhere near the NDC.
If it is about violence, killings and vigilantism, then the NDC has no moral right to talk.
They started these things from the era of AFRC when Verandah Boys shouted “let the blood flow”.
The number of atrocities committed by Azoka Boys in Ghana’s politics can’t be forgotten.

Perhaps, politics of deceit is Mahama’s strategy to elections 2020 otherwise, he has short memory.


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