Do you think Akufo-Addo will sponsor me to contest him – Akpaloo responds to ‘NPP affiliation’ allegations


Flagbearer of the Liberal Party of Ghana, Kofi Akaploo has vehemently refuted claims that he is affiliated to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and for that matter has been sponsored to split votes in this year’s presidential polls.

According to him, speaking favourably for the government most of the time does not in any way imply that he supports the governing party.

“I’m not NPP, I’m not an NPP communicator but rather I speak for Ghana. Anything that is good for Ghana, I’ll speak in favour of, but anything bad about Ghana. I will not open my mouth…,” he said on GhanaWeb’s Election Desk.

“… Do you think that NPP will give me money so that I’ll come and remove them from power… because we’re all contesting, Nana Akufo Addo is there, I’m there. We’re competing for power, the same thing.

“Do you think Nana Akufo-Addo will sponsor me to overthrow him?” he quizzed when asked whether he was being financially sponsored by the governing New Patriotic Party.

As a matter of fact, he further summarised his reason for showing sympathy to the ruling government with the following words; “…I don’t have witchcraft spirit in me, I have the holy spirit inside me and the holy spirit always puts the good stuff not the bad. So, I see only good stuff and I talk about good stuff.”

He contends that during the erstwhile Mahama administration he was tagged as a member of the NDC because of his fierce criticisms against the NPP. Thus, he is not moved about recent claims regarding his alleged disloyalty to the LPG.

Mr Akpaloo added, “Whoever is in government, I see him as someone in authority and have to give all my best to support that person to govern because if the person does well it affects everybody in the country…that’s my nature.”It would be recalled that former Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Ejisu Juaben Municipality, Afrifa Yamoah Ponko earlier in the month accused, Kofi Akaploo of being a dyed in the wool NPP member on a live radio interview.

Yamoah Ponko is quoted to have said: “Kofi don’t waste our time we all know that you are working for NPP, so just stop confusing the public and go ahead and openly campaign for Akufo-Addo.”

But Mr Akpaloo maintains that he remains a staunch member of the LPG and embodies their ideologies and principles.


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