Decent work for citizens is at the heart of our priorities – Akufo-Addo reassures UN


President Akufo-Addo has assured the United Nations (UN) that decent work for citizens both home and abroad is a top priority for his government.

The president’s assurance was captured in his acceptance speech for the “Champion of Migrant Women’s Decent Work” award at the United Nations (UN) 75th-anniversary celebration, and the launch of a book titled, “Deadly Work or Decent Work?” in Accra over the weekend.

“I thank the leadership and organizers of this August event and for this award which I deeply appreciate because decent work is at the heart of our priorities for our people in Ghana and abroad”, the president said.

He added that “this year, our government launched LI 2408 to provide protection and Decent Work for all domestic workers in Ghana”.

The theme for UN75 is “Human Rights, Gender Equality and Youth Involvement”.

The Gender Minister, Cynthia Morrison was present to receive the award and read the acceptance speech on the president’s behalf.

As the new Champion of Migrant Domestic Workers Decent Work, President Akufo-Addo urged African leaders of the ECOWAS Region to reject signing onto any form of slave-like employment systems presented in bilateral agreements.

According to the president, the findings in the book “Deadly Work or Decent Work?” has been beneficial to him and thus, hopes that colleague presidents would take interest in the eye-opening information about the plight of migrant workers captured within.

The president also pledged to consider the UN ILO Conventions C-189 and C190 for ratification while expressing gratitude to the Nekotech Center for Labour Migration Diplomacy, the United Nations Youth Association-Ghana and the Global #Enddeadlywork Coalition for the award.

He further commended H.E. Winifred Nii Okai Hammond, Ghana’s Ambassador to Egypt, Lebanon and Sudan, for “rescuing and repatriating over 2000 young ladies stranded in Lebanon – saving many lives”.


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