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Daily Guide: Worrying, suspicious correlation

The story about some citizens of this country embarking on a secessionist project through war is no longer a fantasy but a reality demanding all-hands on deck approach.

The military operation which led to the arrest of twenty of the rebels is ample evidence that the authorities must be more serious than they have been since the story appeared on the front burner.

The picture of an eighty-year-old man struggling to walk presented as leader of the secessionist project triggered derision among cynics. Such persons now have to review their stance and join the crusade to keep Ghana indivisible.

We have observed something about the project which is startling: there is no shortage of funds for them and the confidence with which it is being executed suggests that there are some strong persons behind them. Besides, there could be a correlation between the project and the coup suspects.

We have also observed that the latent urge to secede gives way to action only when the NPP is in power.

Those responsible for interrogating these rebellious characters must do more to unearth hidden yet intelligence worthy details.

The leaders with Charles Kokuvi Kudzordji leading the charge have made contacts with many chiefs and opinion leaders from the Volta Region to the Upper East Region and even stopping at Yendi, a former German territory, before finally becoming a British possession. What transpired? Some suspects were picked up in the Northern Region.

The patchy condemnations of their activities by a grouping in the country are benign and prompt curiosity. We would have expected a press conference on the issue but this would never come.

The protection of the territorial integrity of the country is what the Armed Forces of the country under the command of the Commander-in-Chief are charged by the Constitution to ensure.

The military are maintained from the public purse so they ensure the intactness of the country by land, sea and air even at the peril of their lives.

The assignment which rests first and foremost on the Commander-in-Chief who has the power to declare war or peace to reverse the former using the standing military is by no means trivial.

It is for this reason that any attempt at secession is considered high treason for which the ultimate punishment is prescribed.

Those associated with the subject after their arrests were released and the charges preferred against them dropped as though nothing was at stake.

It did not take long before the old man return to the drawing board with his schemes. This time he declared independence at a public space so brazenly that it was not difficult to see the lack of remorse in him.

Last year, social media was awash with worrying pictures of young men undergoing military training in the forest of the Volta Region.

The alarm bell about a grand scheme to throw the country into a state of instability has sufficiently pressed.

The correlation between the rebels and the doomsday prophecies in the aftermath of this year’s polls by a former top government official tell a security story. We have sufficiently been forewarned



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