Daily Guide: The Defence Minister has spoken


As far as the maintenance of law and order is concerned, there is no over-flogging the subject editorially. It is for this reason that we have decided to return to the subject following especially Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul’s warning that the military would not fold its arms as troublemakers disturb the country’s peace.

It would be paradoxical if such political miscreants go on the rampage in a country whose soldiers have carved an enviable image for themselves and the country’s banner in the realm of international peacekeeping.

The colours of the units of the Ghana Army are bedecked with shinning decorations they earned as far back as the days of the Royal West African Frontier Force (RWAFF), in action from Burma in the 1940s to Kasavubu in 1960 in the Congo. Sure the people of Ghana can count on the supportive role of the military in internal security duties with the foremost managers, the Ghana Police Service, when that becomes necessary.

It is good that the Defence Minister has fired the warning flare and with that the cowards would have been sufficiently served notice not to dare lest they regret signing a pact with the devils.

The awesome powers of the state are ever ready to be deployed in the interest of the country. So much has gone into bringing Ghana this far that allowing a few people to throw a spanner into the works of state by killjoys at a time when the image of the country has reached the rooftop should be resisted by all.

It is beyond our ken why out of desperation some of our compatriots would seek to reduce state institutions to nothingness because doing so would inure to their parochial cause.

Ghana has moved forward and still doing so, far away from the days when a group of our compatriots could hold the country to ransom.

Those who harbour such mischief are nation wreckers and do not mean it when they scream at the top of their voices.

Why would you attempt destroying state institutions because electoral defeat stares you in the countenance?

We hereby repeat our earlier call that the Police Administration and the military hierarchy hold a joint press conference with a two-pronged objective: to assure Ghanaians they would perform the mandate of keeping the country safe from human predators and to warn the criminals that they would be ferreted out and dealt with if they dare.

They receive monies from foreign opposition elements in neighbouring countries and hold demonstrations in Ghana. Now that those wells are dried up, they have turned to the NDC for easy funds to foment trouble. They would fail, and Ghana and its democracy would triumph.


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