On the 12th of march 2020 that Ghana confirmed its first cases of COVID 19, I was down to earth and wanted to fast if not that the news came at midnight where had already taken my heavy food. I was down to earth because, haven read about what this COVID 19 thing is doing even to buoyant economies like China, U.S.A and the potential harm it could cause to GH, and more so this year being an election year, I could not fathom why God could allow this COVID 19 to erase the NPP ‘s fortune for the hard work of bringing the economy back on track just ‘like that’.

I must confess that, all my hope of winning this year’s election was lost at that moment. But thanks to the ingenuity of H.E NANA ADDO DANQUAH, the Joseph of our time. and his able team, for resurrecting my hope and even hundred times fold. The smart measures and social interventions such free water supply, free electricity for life line consumers and 50% subsidy for other consumers, tax exemption for all health worker and the 50% allowances for front line workers have Widen the NPP ‘s chances thereby bringing more hope of winning the election hands down.

What will even do the political magic is the GHC 600M stimulus package for SMEs; but if not carefully disbursed with a political lens, it rather the be opposite.
The ghc 600m package if carefully disbursed with the right political lenses should afford the NPP the divine opportunity to directly put money into the pockets of people as it has been the mantra of the president since opposition days which has never happened in the history of Ghana.

Since that announcement, I perhaps not the only patriot, have been going about giving hope to our mothers in the petty trading business that, there is hope coming and that the president will be giving them some cash to support their businesses knowing that it will lure to our political benefit; But quite unfortunately, having monitored the airwaves for sometime now since the announcement, the purported modalities to distributing the money, though somehow relaxed and friendly yet political unfavorable and will not yield the necessary political point (votes): reason being that majority of the people affected will not be captured, which will give the opportunistic John Massage to do propaganda.

Fact is that, most of the affected businesses owners such as the ‘broni waawu’ sellers tailors, fish sellers etc are not registered with the recognized associations such as TUC, GUTA etc and so may not be able to access the fund on these modalities. Again, most of these traders too largely deal with the microfinance and savings and loans companies instead of the rural banks that the money shall be disbursed through and hence may not be able to access this fund should this modalities be carried on.

It is in this regard that I appeal to the government and the able leadership of our party not to give our enemies the NDC the weapon to fight us! Political power is our sole objective as party so everything possibly must be done to obtain and protect it. For this reason, I humbly suggest the following to be considered by the government and leadership of the party for the disbursement of the fund:

1. Government through the rural enterprise and entrepreneurial department/MMDCEs register all affected businesses in every this district per the definition of the ministry of finance.

2. Compel all registered persons to form an association immediately and register with the district assembly; where there exist a similar association in the district, compel them to register with the existing ones.

3. Compel all registered persons to register for a TIN. This help to widen the tax net there racking more revenue for government.

3. Compel all registered person to open an account with a selected bank, being it rural or otherwise of which the money shall be paid through. This will also help government to collect the money back since it is a loan and not for free.

With these few suggestions if considered will help get almost all to benefit from the COVID 19 package which will greatly widen and brighten our political chances come 7th December.

Long live Ghana
Long live the great NPP

By Prince Sangmoah,
Deputy youth organizer for NPP AOWIN constituency


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