The man behind the unreasonable assembly of Protestants who matched against an assumed isolation center at Bisease Senior High School has been identified as Eric Donkor

You remember on 16th August 2018, one NPP defected man, Eric Donkor, a Lotto agent , mobilised Bisease and Sunkwa NDC hooligans to fight the Health Minister,Hon. Kweku Agyemang Menu , leading to his detainment for some days at the central region police head office????

This is the same man who used a megaphone to gather over 200 compelled persons, regardless of the social distancing order given by health professionals to protest against the wind of untruth yesterday,May 2,2020.

The police Commander of the district is reported to have been present at the scene to disperse them during the Protest. The people are calling on the police command to expedite action to arrest this individual, Eric Donkor, whose Lotto kiosk is around the round about,Darkoa chop bar, Bisease or else, they expose lots of reserved information.

It is believed the man is paid and would do anything to rundown Government’s efforts to fight COVID-19 in the area,in collaboration with other selfish NDC individuals.

Earlier on we promised to bring you update on the story below:

Covid-19, Our ignorance led Protest- BISEASE (Ajumako)

Ignorance,they say ,can lead to regrettable mistakes or decisions.
Yesterday,at Bisease in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency,saw a group of compelled persons protesting with Cutlasses, clubs and anger against a supposed tip of ,that the BISEASE senior High School is designated as an isolation center for suspected COVID-19 patients within the Constituency.

It must be put on record that the allegation or assumption is false and the executors of the demo were politically motivated with an NDC journalist to carry the awful but fake news out there.

Our background checks proof the following.
BISECO had not been designated as a centre for any patients. Granted it was , should the people protest against their own because of Covid? Isn’t NOGUCHI Korle Bu located in someone’s district?

It amazes anyone who saw the Protestants who, again, claimed, they would not allow the treatment of Covid patients in the said location. The question is, are COVID-19 patients treated in facilities such as school buildings or designated hospitals under conducive conditions?
A gong was beaten to get the people mobilised to protest , regardless of the social distancing order given by health Professionals. Over 200 people were involved in this unnecessary demonstration,only God knows how many of them were free from the pandemic.


Before the pandemic,the staff of Bisease Senior High School had taken a decision on their 3rd year students who were habitual absentees.
The idea was to separate the regular/punctual students from those who without any reasons, had been absenting themselves from school, and keep them in different rooms during any examination.
The exams committee then decided to label those rooms meant uniquely for the absentees as ‘ Quarantine Center 1&2’
This tag was placed at the door posts of two designated rooms in the school prior to the arrival of the deadly Coronavirus in Wuhan, China.
That tag is still visibly there as we went to the school to do our checks.

An interview with the examination committee chairman,Mr. Maxwell Oduro, revealed that he instructed Mr Gyimah ,an ICT tutor to design the ‘ Quarantine Center tag’ for their students who would be isolated during their mock examination.

Was ‘Quarantine’ coined only during Covid 19 or it’s been in the long man’s dictionary for decades? One wonders.

This indicator, got some unknown faces behind the protest, take a deadly stance without questioning or enquiring from the school authorities for better understanding on what it meant to Communicate and whom it was for.
The explosion surprised everyone who plied the road from Bisease to Ajumako yesterday.

Any calculated attempt to bring the name of the school,the school authorities and the Government’s into disrepute,is not the best way to go as a people.

From the front desk of the school,Mr.Essel who is the administrative secretary confirmed, (through some individuals we interviewed)
that the school had never received any letter demanding the place to be used as an isolation center for any Covid 19 carrier.

We are not in Normal times and there is need to attach seriousness to whatever steps we make.

**Our source will update you on Future developments*

Story continues:

Our correspondent,Jef Nanappong,tells us that Eric is jubilant for achieving his aim as the Organizer of the whole demonstration. Being a citizen is a conscious effort which we all must.

Whatever happens, especially from the police command of Ajumako Enyan Essiam District, will be updated soon.

We promise to follow this story till the truth is reached.

Updated Story by
Jef Nanappong


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