Covid-19 is Real and Kills Black People so Ghanaians Take Note


At the outset of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), the Chinese virus by the view of the American President Donald Trump, the world was falsely made to believe that the virus is incapable of infecting and killing black people. However this false notion came about, allegedly coming from China after their doctors testing some black people by taking their blood samples and fusing it with the virus, now the truth has dawned on black people that they are equally a victims to the virus as much as the white people.

It is only advisable and moral obligation to share certain vital information with people to help all of us stay safe and not to fall victims to the deadly virus which is no respecter of persons, and is fearless of no one irrespective of their size, wealth, skin colour, level of intelligence or position in the society.

Quite a number of Ghanaians in London have succumbed to the lethal virus among whom is a married couple who lived in Peckham, if I am not mistaken. The woman who was understood to be of a mixed race of Italian father and Ghanaian Ejisu-mother parentage died in the morning and her husband died in the evening of the same day. This is about two days ago. Among the Ghanaian dead are bus drivers, a taxi driver, a pregnant nurse and others whose professions are unknown to me.

Check the underlying web links to ascertain for yourselves the seriousness of the deadly nature of Covid-19 to humanity with black people inclusive.

For the seriousness attached to containing the spread of the virus, the Transport Federation of London have introduced a policy to safeguard the safety of the public transport drivers as could be verified from the below web link titled, “20 London bus drivers died after catching the coronavirus so the city has made bus travel free and told passengers to only board by the middle doors”

20 London bus drivers died after catching the coronavirus so the city has made bus travel free and told passengers to only board by the middle doors

I know some of the names of the dead Ghanaians but in order not to needlessly incur the wrath of anyone or to compound the sorrows of the grieving families, I had better not mention them but to cite web links where necessary. I could have mentioned one or two names but to avoid any negative reaction from people that may feel offended even though I mean no harm, I have chosen to steer clear from, or avoid, any such unnecessary confrontations by not mentioning anyone’s name but quoting the evidential web links to support my claim.

My fellow Ghanaians, please take the disease very seriously and to adhere to the presidential and medical advisory instructions to you to stay at home, to maintain social distancing and all other instructions that will help you not to contract the virus or succumb to it as may have been given to you.

Many Ghanaians have come out on the social media, especially WhatsApp, to share information on how we can boost our immune system to stay safe and alive following from the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic. I am grateful to all those people on behalf of my family and Ghanaians and anyone in the world who have found them useful.

I have been using some of their prescriptions and find them very helpful. Going under steaming hot water dosed with salt and covered myself in thick blanket and sweating out as well as drinking or eating the herbal concoctions or fruits have been very useful. Since there is no known vaccine or drug to treat the virus at the moment, the only solution is the adherence to the advice by the governments and then finding means to boost up your immune system.

I am happy to have Nana Akufo-Addo as the President of Ghana in this period of the country facing a national health crisis which is not peculiar to Ghana but a worldwide problem. He is a listening President. He listens to every advice, weighs them with his team of experts and advisers and takes the best out of them to implement for the safety of the Ghanaian citizens. He is not like the other President who refused to listen to people who had never been Presidents of Ghana before hence relishing in the lyrics, and dancing to the tune, of, the song by Daddy Lumba titled, “Yen ntie Obiaa”

I have published articles advising the President to be wary of the medical gifts from China to Ghana toward fighting the Covid-19 infection. I have a distrust for the Chinese who are bent on taking over Africa by any means possible. In my such publications, I had advised that Ghana begins to produce certain essential needs of our own to wean ourselves off the dependency on foreigners, if indeed, we want to preserve our lives. And, lo and behold, the President has been encouraging our local pharmaceutical companies, fabric/fashion industries etc. to produce some of the things like sanitisers, nose cum mouth masks, and some drugs needed for us to stay safe throughout this crisis come to reshape our thinking and living methods as Ghanaians, if not as lazy Africans.

Those who think this is the time for them to enrich themselves like the rogue border guards who are allegedly taking bribes to sneak or allow foreigners into the country when the nation’s borders are closed, as well as those shameless and opportunistic politicians doing cheap politics hoping it is the time for them to ameliorate their chances of winning election 2020, be warned. I shall be descending on them like a ton of concrete falling from a height and without mercy. When it does happen, “they will see say khaki no be leather”, as a Nigerian will mockingly say.

The Covid-19 has come to invigorate me to take on any corrupt Ghanaian politician, traditional overlord, pastor, prophet and whoever does not seek the collective interests of Ghanaians but their selfish greed that I become aware of. Therefore, be warned, those traditional overlords and their agents and assigns collusively hoping to exploit Kumawuman by rewriting the history of Kumawu. I don’t care who and what they are, I shall deal with them in the language they understand best. Kumawu division within the Asanteman is not under the powers of any overlord from any of the other divisions of Asanteman. I can state this on authority with all the supportive evidential documents in my possession. Whoever has a contrary view supported by credible evidence should throw down the gauntlet and I shall be ready for the showdown.

We shall not allow them and by their actions sell us to foreign dominion. I am scared for our generation and the future ones. If care is not taken, the Chinese will take over Ghana within the next few years to make us slaves in our own land all because of the actions by our self-centred, corrupt and myopic leaders.

God bless President Nana Akufo-Addo and redeem the world and everyone from the deadly virus come to torment and to kill us. Amen.

Rockson Adofo

Monday, 27 April 2020

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