Ghana football was plunged into depression on the back of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Number 12 documentary. That period of insolvency kept the game off the fields for months.

It was important for pragmatic measures to be put in place to revive the game. The Normalization Committee was established to come up with the roadmap to resuscitate our football.

Despite the pockets of setbacks they encountered, the NC brought its work to an end which paved way for elections to be held, elections which saw Kurt Okraku being elected to man our football as its president.

Luck appears not to have smiled at the Kurt Okraku-led administration as Ghana Football Association has gone back into a recession.

It is important to stress that the silence of our game this time round has had no human interference. There is no known Anas in this new turn of events.

The coronavirus pandemic made an unwelcoming entry into our shores and turned our lives upside down. Football was not spared. Kurt has been at the receiving end of this unfortunate incident.

Countries in Europe have found ways to outwit COVID-19, not without compromises though. Empty stadiums have defined Europe’s top football leagues.

There have been calls for Ghana to adopt similar measures to go back to the football field but these measures are not practical in our system due to a number of reasons.

Playing in empty stadiums would hurt our teams since there are no better sponsorships for the teams to fall on in the absence of supporters gracing the matches.

Impliedly, COVID-19 is too strong a powerhouse to be surmounted by our football. The only and perhaps, best antidote to the sufferings of our teams is for Kurt Okraku to cancel the league.

If a mere Anas could bring down our game, someone who had no power to kill, why should we continue hoping that we can get our game back with COVID-19 which can kill? COVID-19 is contagious, let’s just drop the game!

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

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