COVID-19: Ghana shall overcome


COVID-19: Ghana shall overcome

The enemy of the world today is not man, neither is it poverty nor racism; but Coronavirus pandemic. Within the past 3 months of COVID-19 pandemic, it has wrecked havoc and adversely affecting businesses and other economic activities even more than Adolf Hitler’s exuberant war.

COVID-19 has stubbornly not spared prominent personalities and does not discriminate based on colour nor status. The House of Windsor and 10 Downing streets; thus the residence of the Queen of England and the Seat of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom have not been immune to COVID-19. Let’s even literally call Coronavirus a catalyst for equality or equity.

Advanced nations have been hit hard and are either helpless or hopeless or even both. Not even the walls of the United States of America are prone to the pandemic and it has broken loose to COVID-19.

An emerging economy such as Ghana, which has been following the directives of the World Health Organisation (WHO) religiously, was equally hit with the pandemic. Despite the strict adherence to various protocols, COVID-19 has engulfed the country and a case has been recorded in my home region: a scorching Upper West.

Before COVID-19 was confirmed in Ghana, some deliberate actions were mapped up by the Ghanaian government under the sterling leadership of H.E Nana Addo and the Ministry of Health as well as the Ghana Health Services.

Coronavirus pandemic is a global crisis which demands resolute actions and steady nerves. These actions can only materilize through commitment, collaboration and teamwork the Ghanaian citizenry and other cooperate individuals and organizations.

Coronavirus pandemic has exhibited the inherent leadership capabilities of the our President, H. E. Nana Addo. Honestly, I have never loved our President more than during this crisis. He has embolden my trust in him and has vindicated that he is worthy of the change that favored by him, the New Patriotic Party and by extension the entire Ghanaian people. I have noted and got convinced that the utmost good faith the President and the Ghanaian people have implored in the fight against COVID-19 shall see the light of the day.

The president and his able team have managed to muster the needed courage of restricting entry into and out of the country, have procured preventive and protective equipment, test kits and have more recently purchased a life insurance package for Ten Thousand (10,000) Frontline Health workers. This is commendable as much as the disinfection of markets across the country.

Mandatory Quarantine of individuals who have flown into the country has strategically positioned Ghana’s anti-Coronavirus fight for which the Ghanaian people are grateful to you.

More recent decisive step which few leaders would have dared to make is the lock-down of some possible hot spots of COVID-19 in the Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions of Ghana.

Without a shred of doubt, the virus is said not to be mobile on it’s own but by people. Locking down these areas would go a long way to ensuring that there is no horizontal spread of the pandemic. Though there are proponents and opponents of the lock-down, it is apparently in the interest of the democratic system which we have chosen as a country and rightly so must be allowed in the expression of their thoughts. It is no secret that lives matter in the governance process of every country and as such whatever that must be done to ensure the wellbeing of the lives of Ghanaians is concerned. The president is at liberty to do just that and has strongly expressed so in his last address to the nation which has won international recognition by indicating that “We know how to bring back the economy but what we do not know is how to bring back life”.

The calumny, dishonesty and deliberate falsified information that have been made and tagged at the Operation COVID-19 Team is advertently made by persons for political expediency and to douse the relevance of the steps advanced by the president and the team to combating pandemic. The President’s decision is spot on and shall pay off in the fight against this infamous virus.

It is refreshing that the Finance Ministry has worked on an Economic Impact Assessment of the lock-down before the the actual imposition and has been presented to parliament and a stimulus package for affected businesses and individuals.

To conclude, I wish to state that the fight against COVID-19 is a collective one. I wish to equally assure the President of the Republic of Ghana that he shall have the lifelong appreciation of the Ghanaian citizenry for frantic and deliberate efforts he has made towards the fight against the widespread of COVID-19.

To the naysayers and political propagandists, if you are accustomed to finding faults, you must roll up your sleeves in proposing remedies too…

Salifu Abdul -Matin

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