Corrupt auditor Abdul Razak Usuman promises to sell more government documents as he keeps two (2) official laptops


Corrupt auditor Abdul Razak Usuman promises to sell more government documents as he keeps two (2) official laptops

It is surprising why Abdul Razak Usuman deliberately refused to address the issue of stealing and keeping two (2) official laptop.
Abdul Razak Usuman, an internal auditor formerly at Zongo Development Fund, has in a long and winding statement, justified why he had to sell government documents to extrinsic entities and vows to sell many more documents in his custody.

In the statement, the so called internal auditor, Abdul Razak Usuman, asserts that ” I wish to…… expose the ill minded elements and entities of the state….” It is difficult to accept that an internal auditor who has sworn oaths of office and served in government institutions would in such reckless disregard for ethical standards as auditor would announce to the whole world of his intent to sell classified documents to extrinsic entities in his subjective opinion to expose enemies of the state.

One Auditor at the Audit Service Department identified as Kwasi, explained that, ” it is quite disappointing that Abdul Razak Usuman will want to damage the profession with such reckless statements. It is not a duty of an over zealous internal auditor to engage in such unethical conducts. How does Abdul Razak Usuman intend to expose enemies? Is he a state prosecutor? Is he a police officer? It smacks of a criminal behaviour. That makes Abdul Razak Usuman a subject of prosecution and he appears a disgrace to the profession of auditors. Abdul Razak Usuman needs to shut up.”

Professor Alhaji Latif, a British trained financial adviser with a prestigious audit firm explains “One wonders why Abdul Razak Usuman will name and assure the former board chairman in his statement. This indicates how vindictive Abdul Razak Usuman is and his malicious intent to distract the Zodf. It is amazing that, Abdul Razak Usuman will display such sense of guilt and hide behind “in sha Allah.” This seems the attitude of most dishonest and confident trickster. They seem very dangerous. We have several of them in our society. No reasonable person will read this subjective opinion of Abdul Razak Usuman without seeing the wickedness of Abdul Razak. In one breath, he mentions, an “unofficial request from Zongo Ministry” and in another, Razak claims those documents “were not granted by” him. Isn’t that shirking his responsibility? How did Abdul Razak Usuman know of this request? Abdul Razak Usuman should rather stop exposing and embarrassing his family with those reckless statements. The more he speaks, the more he exposes himself as a conman.”


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