Coronavirus: University of Ghana students in a state of confusion


ome students of the University of Ghana are in a state of confusion regarding the suspension of lectures and other social gatherings on campus.

A student who spoke to Radio Ghana explained that the confusion is a result of a directive from President Akufo-Addo for the immediate closure of all schools and universities to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, hours after the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana also gave a similar directive.

In a clear indication of the absence of lectures and its accompanying activities, taxis parked at the Okponglo entrance of the University were empty and took hours to load passengers, at midday when Radio Ghana visited the Campus of the University of Ghana.

The streets on campus were devoid of the familiar scene of students rushing to attend lectures on foot while others hurriedly navigated their way through the streets in their private vehicles and taxis.

The majority of students on campus at the time of visit were in their halls of residence washing clothes as others sat idle.

Some of the students were in their halls of residence instead of the lecture halls due to the directive by President Akufo Addo for the closure of all schools and universities.

However, some students think that a directive by the Vice-chancellor of the University for only students resident on campus to remain on campus contradicts the President’s directive.

He said the students have reacted to the situation in different ways. He was however hopeful that the situation would be restored to normal sooner or later.


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