Coronavirus: Over 4000 persons get food from Empowerment Worship Center


Empowerment Worship Centre has donated some relief items to vulnerable individuals and families in society and to people who have challenges with buying food as most businesses have been halted due to the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown.

The exercise which began following the President’s announcement of a partial lockdown will follow through till the end.

The global lead pastor, Prophet Gideon Danso who joined the EWC relief team to give out items said “We’ve had an amazing time giving out food to desperate communities that need food. We’ve so far shared packs of rice, oil, tomatoes, hand sanitizers. We’ve had a great time.”

Prophet Gideon Danso urged people with the means to extend helping hands to the poor in these difficult moments.

“…find time to help somebody. There is just so much fulfilment that you get when you put a smile on somebody’s face. Pray for someone, call someone. Reaching out, giving food to families has given me so much fulfilment I have even forgotten about the lockdown. Find time to help somebody and you will not feel it.”

So far, the EWC Relief Team has provided relief items to over 4000 people in various communities in the Greater Accra Region aside special donations to orphanage homes and hospitals



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