Coronavirus: ‘I would’ve been hospitalised by now’ – Gifty Anti shares experience


Renowned broadcast journalist, Oheneyere Gifty Anti says, she would have tested positive for Coronavirus if she was not been a bit careful.

According to her, from UK to Ghana, she changed her sitting place on the plane she was on board else she ‘would have been hospitalised by now’.

Sharing her experience on Peace FM morning show Kokrokoo, Thursday, April 9, 2020, monitored by The Probe she said: “Where I was seated initially, we were three. Before the flight took off I saw empty seats when I got up to go wash my hands.

“So, when the flight took off, I asked the flight attendant if I could change my sitting place and she said yes. Then, I went and sat at where there was no one around. And, I think if I had not changed my seat, I would’ve been hospitalised by now. … I don’t want to say everything. But if I had sat at my initial place I might have tested positive…, because of what I heard later.”

According to sources, a lot of people who were onboard my flight tested positive for COVID-19, she disclosed.

Though the celebrated journalist described the mandatory quarantine which was for two weeks, as traumatising, she praised the government and other officials for the measure.

She indicated that the mandatory quarantine ensured that those who were infected with the virus were identified and isolated.

According to Gifty Anti, Ghana’s situation could have been worse if the mandatory quarantine measure had not been put in place.

She disclosed that in February when she was in Italy, the country had just three (3) cases of COVID-19 but, within a couple of weeks they had recorded over 800 confirmed cases. “As at the time, in Italy and the UK, people were moving freely at their airports. They had not put measures in place to identify positive cases but, Ghana was already doing so to identify positive cases of COVID-19 at the airport,” she said.

She advised Ghanaians to adhere to the various precautionary measures laid down by the health officials to avoid contracting the coronavirus for ‘it a serious disease’.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti was among the one thousand and thirty travellers who were mandatorily quarantined upon arrival at the Kotoka International Airport last month.


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