Coronavirus: Ghana will know its fate within the next two weeks – Okoe-Boye


Deputy Minister-Designate for Health, Dr Bernard Okoe-Boye says the test results of covid-19 that will trickle in by next week will give an idea of how Ghana will fare subsequently in terms of the curve.

He told parliament when he was being vetted on Wednesday that Ghana is entering a crucial phase of the curve within the next two weeks where many of the backlogs of test results will be announced.

He was responding to the question about whether there are hopes for the country to level off in the coming days and months with regards to the nation’s fight against covid-19.

In the days ahead, he claimed the situation from the test results will give an idea of where Ghana is likely to hit as in the plateau regarding the global plague.

“We have a lot of samples that we’re waiting for their results. Luckily we’ve had a lot of them coming… So if we’re getting cases reported, its from most of them with samples that were waiting in the queue.

“Its my expectation that this week, and at worst next week should be the period within which we would have seen most of these results coming. That would have given us an idea of where we are likely to hit as in the plateau and then later see some dropping. So this week is crucial, next week, maybe the first few days of next week will also be crucial and the we would have known our smoothness level.

“Beyond this two weeks any other cases that will come are likely to come in ones or twos from contacts that were traced. But this week and next week we have backlog results that are coming. They are not a reflection of what is happening over the past few days. They’re just a backlog. Once we’ve cleared our backlog, then there is no backlog where you have 30 cases come at a go or 40 cases. One, two, four, three that one is allowable and that one will give us an idea of how the graph will be like.”


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