Coronavirus: Don’t wait for vaccine, ‘wee’ cures every disease – Rastafarians


In the wake of the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease in Ghana which has so far claimed two lives, the Rastafarian Association in the Central Region believes marijuana (wee) if used in treating the patients will cure them in record time.

According to the group, Ghanaian health authorities should not wait for any coronavirus vaccine from abroad to use to treat the infected person when the ‘great herb’ ‘wee’ is in abundance in the country.

“Government should not delay in using marijuana to treat our infected brothers and sisters. We can confidently say that the only medicine that can help cure the coronavirus completely is the marijuana which is the king of all herbs. The government should stop importing hand sanitizers, nose masks, and other things as it is a waste of money. The cure for coronavirus is here in Ghana. They should just boil the wee with ginger and give it to the 25 living Ghanaians who have gotten the coronavirus and in less than 24 hours they will be well. The government should not wait for people to die.” The President of the Association Jah Eddy Bongo said at a press conference at Baifikrom a suburb of Mankessim where their office is located.

In an interview with Kasapa FM News Yaw Boagyan, Jah Eddy Bongo also thanked the president for legalizing the growing of marijuana for health use.

“I know many countries that have legalized wee and they are successful so it is time we also made good use of marijuana. The government should also consider “wee” factory as part of its 1D1F policy for the country to get money. If this done most of the Youth will not waste their time traveling abroad and suffer.”


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