Coronavirus cure in Ghana?


In light of the increasing rate of infection of the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world, the Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission (COAGPM), a research-based non-governmental organization in Ghana, has come out with some medicinal products it believes can cure coronavirus among other viral infections.

About 111,356 cases and 3,892 deaths have been recorded in connection with the COVID-19 virus around the globe with China, recording the highest number of cases and deaths followed closely by Italy.

However, COAGPM claims it’s locally produced medicine has the potential to kill the virus thereby initiating cure.

Executive President of COAGPM, Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan, made this announcement at a press conference held on Monday at the British Council Auditorium in Accra where he also displayed samples of the medicine.

He said “the Center has for the past 15 years developed an organic antiviral medicine that has three-dimensional effects to combat wide spectrum of viral infections costing them over $20 million without support from any donor agency or government.

The three-dimensional effects of the medicines are oral administration which stimulates the immune system to naturally fight against viruses; intravenous administration which kills viruses in free circulating blood and intramuscular administration which diffuses into cells and tissues to mop up or smoke out viruses living in latently infected cells into the bloodstream where they can be targeted and killed.

“These three ways of administration can eliminate viruses from the human body initiating cure. We believe that it could be the solution to the coronavirus infection”, he claimed, adding that, “the centre believes that augmenting the immune system is key to the elimination of the coronavirus”, he added.

The products, he said, are purely organic and have no chemical bases and therefore have very minimal side effects.

Dr. Duncan also disclosed that some of the products were sent to China and reports claim there has been a “significant improvement” in the conditions of some patients who were administered the products.

He was however quick to iterate that, “even though it is good news, to us is not scientific hence not conclusive.”

“We, therefore, suggest to the Ghana Government, World Health Organization (WHO), affected and unaffected nations worldwide to join hands with the Center and the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, University of Ghana, Legon and other local and international research institutions to conduct research on the COA products as early as possible to ascertain their effectiveness against coronavirus clinically.”


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