Coronavirus battle next to World War 2 – United Nations Secretary


United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres has described the Coronavirus pandemic as the ‘most challenging crisis we have faced since the Second World War”.

The world is gradually coming to a halt with economies grinding and countries desperately searching and researching to find a permanent cure for a pandemic which root cause is still not clearly verified.

Thousands have died and millions of others have been infected by the pandemic.

In a recorded message about the issue, Mr. Guterres, while calling for unity on the world front, stressed on the danger of misinformation and falsehood in these times.

Describing the situation where ridiculous and misconstrued information is circulating on many fronts as harmful, he said,

“This is a time for science and solidarity. Yet the global ‘misinfo-demic’ is spreading. Harmful health advice and snake-oil solutions are proliferating. Falsehoods are filling the airwaves. Wild conspiracy theories are infecting the Internet. Hatred is going viral, stigmatizing and vilifying people and groups. The world must unite against this disease, too. The vaccine is trust.”

He urged all to be circumspect about data they absorb and spread, to avoid further damage than what the world is currently facing.

“Social media companies must do more to root out hate and harmful assertions about COVID-19.

“Second, trust in institutions — grounded in responsive, responsible, evidence-based governance and leadership.

And trust in each other. Mutual respect and upholding human rights must be our compass in navigating this crisis. Together, let’s reject the lies and nonsense out there.” He added.

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