Coronavirus: 244 samples taken following death of police officer at Central Police station


About 244 samples of Police personnel, inmates at Cells as well as families of Police officers at the Central Police station and barracks in Koforidua have been taken for testing following the death of the Station Officer who died from Coronavirus.

Samples of the widow and her children including her twin kids were also taken.

The samples were taken Sunday by a medical team from the Ghana Health Service. There is anxiety among police personnel and occupants at the barracks as they await their test results.

“Now I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. We are all scared. We want the results to be released early so that it helps us to recover from this traumatic experience” a Wife of a Police officer told Kasapa News.

55-year-old Chief Inspector who was the Station Officer in Charge of the Central Police Station in Koforidua died Friday, May 29,2020, after a short illness.

He was on admission at the Eastern Regional Hospital in Koforidua for few days having visited the Police Clinic in Koforidua and Newland Hospital- a private Hospital before his death.

The cause of death was not immediately known until sample results released after his death reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

A medical team from the Ghana Health Service led by Dr Abu Armel, Public Health Physician at the Eastern Regional Health Directorate, Regional Disease Control Officer Sally Tetteh Emmanuel, visited the Central Police Station Saturday evening to inform and sensitize officers at the station that the cause of death was “probably Covid-19”.

The team returned today Sunday, May 31, 2020, to take samples of occupants at the police station and the Police barracks and close associates who had contact with the deceased police officer.

Meanwhile, samples of health workers at the Police Clinic and Newland Hospital have also been taken by the Medical team while the affected staff quarantined.

The sudden death of the Chief Inspector has shocked many in the Eastern Regional Capital.

He has been described by many as a very affable Police officer who discharged his duties to the admiration of many in the regional capital.

He was honoured by the Police Administration a few years ago together with then Municipal Police Commander Richardson Kumeko for refusing a huge bribe offered them by a suspect arrested in Koforidua for attempting to smuggle quantities of Marijuana to the Central region.


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