Corona Virus vaccine to be tested starting Thursday and volunteers paid 6250Euros


The oxford University is set to start the testing of vaccines on people in other to see if it would work on the human body. Lot of people have been tasked to volunteer to make the testing a success .

The vaccine will begin to be tested in the UK with volunteers receiving 625 euro as payment for their services .Health Secretary Matt Hancock today said he was ‘throwing everything at’ Britain’s attempt to develop the first vaccine in the world.

The Government will give the scientists an extra £20 million to help with their trials, Mr Hancock said, and a further £22.5 m to a project at Imperial College London.

If successful, this will mean that a vaccinated person will not become ill if they catch the real coronavirus because their body has already learned to attack the proteins that will be on the outside of it. Therefore, the immune system will in theory be able to destroy it before it is able to cause any symptoms.

‘The team have accelerated that trial process, working with the regulator, the MHRA, who have been absolutely brilliant.

‘And as a result, I can announce that the vaccine from the Oxford project will be trialled in people from this Thursday.

The Oxford vaccine, known as ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 will be trialled on up to 510 people out of a group of 1,112 aged 18 to 55. It is recruiting volunteers in London, Bristol, Oxford and Southampton.


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