Koku Anydoho, one of the outspoken pillars of the National Democratic Congress  (NDC) today revealed that the deadly coronavirus has claimed the life of his uncle who was residing in the United Kingdom.

Koku who is in a  mourning mood  had a strong word  for all those doing divisive   and destructive politics with the pandemic. “Corona virus is Ghana’s number one enemy which we need to fight in unity, we should not joke with it.”

Koku Anyidoho, who is the Founder and Chief Executive of the Atta Mills Institute in Accra has set a record as the very first NDC big wig to speak on Wontumi TV and Radio. It is likely that  by his action he is going to  shame his colleague NDC faithful some of who have officially issued an order to  its rank and file never to speak on  the rapidly growing Wontumi media platform maybe unaware that that time changes.

Koku  who was speaking on phone told  the host of the early morning talk show programme, Oheneba Nana Asiedu, that the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,   deserves tons of commendation for the wise decisions he continue to take in containing the spread of the disease.

The NDC guru made a special reference to the lifting of the partial lock down which he said,  “came at the most opportune time because people were suffering as a result of the restriction and would have found an extension totally unbearable.”

He used the occasion to recall a 10 Cedis cash gift he  offered to two children hawkers in his neighbourhood who  were tasked by their parents to raise an mount of at least 10 Ghana cedis from the sale of  a pack of toilet roll   to sustain their family which was in critical cashless situation .

According to Koku, the entire family of the two children came to his house in a long file to  show gratitude following  the “small” gesture

“I was indeed overwhelmed that a gift of just 10 Cedis  would compel a whole household to troop to my house to show appreciation.”

Koku who could not hide his admiration and respect for the President in the critical decision he has taken since the outbreak of the  pandemic said “the burden on Nana Addo is not an easy one.’

“I have been there before so I know what I am talking about. Its not easy for him at all.  I know the President can’t sleep over the pandemic. It is not easy to be President at this time.”

He commended the President for doing extensive consultations  with all key stakeholders including political party leaders  before taking his signature decisions.

“I commend Nana Addo for his approach rooted in  consultation. Its a good sign because effective consultations constitute the starting point in crisis management.”.

Source : wontumi media


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