Since the NPP came into office, some 24 contractors have had their contracts terminated for non-performance while others have been given the go-ahead to continue their construction of road projects that were awarded to them by the previous government.

These contracts have been assessed and limits duly placed on the expenditures involved.

It is false that contractors with genuine claims about their contracts issued by the previous government are not being paid.

GH₵9,603,917.55 was paid to cocoa road contractors during the 2016/2017 cocoa season.

GH₵496,872,500.00 was then paid during the 2017/2018 cocoa season.

During the 2018/2019 season, the amount went up to GH₵550,983,450.00 million and so far in the present 2019/2020 season, the figure stands at GH₵123,639,516 million.

This brings the total amount paid by this NPP government for cocoa road contracts issued by the previous government to well over a billion Ghana cedis; the exact figure being GH₵1,181,099,383.55.

It is absolutely not true claims by Ex-President John Mahama and NDC communicators that the present government stopped absolutely all cocoa road projects started by the previous government.

The suspension which was imposed was not a blanket suspension on all the contracts. Several roads at different stages of construction were allowed to continue until completion in 2017 and thereafter. some of these roads are:

1. Asutiano – Dormaa Akuamu – Akontanim road (10.7 km)
2. Asumura – Tipokrom road (4.9 km)
3. Kyeremasu – Akontanim road
4. Atebubu – Kwame Danso – Kojokrom road
5. Mim – Fetegya and Ahmadiya Hospital road
6. Pokukrom – Ahwerewa Bronum road (15.9 km)
7. Fiankuma – Hia road (14.5 km)
8. Kokofo – Asaman – Asaas road
9. Subriso Junction. – Subriso road
10. Ntoroku Junction – Ntoroku road
11. Safokrom – Daaban road
12. Manfo – Subriso – Nfanti
13. Bekwai – Adankragya road (14.7 km)
14. Kumawu – Timaate – Drobonso Town road
15. Offinso Town Roads
16. Partial Reconstruction of Internal Roads at Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana.
17. Bitumen Surfacing of Akoase – Akadewaso road (9.5km)
18. Upgrading of Nsawam -Aburi Road (6.6 km) and Other – Total length = 14.9km
19. Upgrading of Kete Krachi – Buya (km 10 – 30km)

This NPP government has resumed work on the following roads after it was suspended.

1. Upgrading of Adwofua – Oseikojokrom road (0 – 16km)
2. Upgrading of Akontombra – Sefwi Wiawso road
3. Rehabilitation of Prestea – Samreboi road
4. Rehabilitation of Buako – Sankore road
5. Upgrading of Duakwa – Mankrong Junction road
6. Partial Reconstruction of Cape Coast – Twifo Praso road
7. Reconstruction of Apam – Ankamu – Agona Swedru road
8. Bitumen Surfacing of Anyinase – Kwesikrom (4 – 27km)
9. Bitumen Surfacing of Tikobo No. 1 – Ellanda Wharf
10. Partial Reconstruction of Kade Town Roads (5km)
11. Rehabilitation of Akoase Kyenkyenku Abokyikrom – Pra River road (14.4km)
12. Bitumen Surfacing of Bodada – Kute – Dzolu road (27.5km)
13. Bitumen Surfacing of Anfoega Akukorme Wadamaxe Aveti road (8.6km)
14. Reconstruction of Hohoe – Jasikan (2 – 32km)
15. Construction of Kete Krachi – Buya (km 30 – 56.9km)
16. Upgrading of Borae Junction – Dadiokorpe road (11.05 – 28.05km)
17. Partial Reconstruction of Asamankese – Osenase Akwatia road (0 – 12km)
18. Partial Reconstruction of Suhum – Asamankese (0 – 10km)
19. Partial Reconstruction of Koforidua – Bunso (20km)
20. Partial Reconstruction of Nsawam – Aburi (0 – 15.1km)
21. Partial Reconstruction of Adoagyiri – Adeiso road (15.2km) and Adeiso road (5.1km) and Access Road to COCOBOD Warehouse at Nsawam (0.74km) – Total length = (21.04km)

This government has awarded 43 new cocoa road contracts.

For the very first time, the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) used an open competitive bidding process to choose suitable contractors to award the contracts to. This open approach to the award of cocoa road contracts has introduced transparency to a process.



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