If it is true that our political opponents are not our enemies, then the NDC parliamentary candidate for Techiman South needs to be spoken to. His political approach and tactics are completely inimical to the game itself, heartless to the economic investments of his opponent and an affront to the sensibilities of the society.

As if it was a joke, some riffraffs and ignorant hoodlums were secretly engaged by Mr. Christopher Beyere, the NDC candidate to deface or remove entirely from walls and electricity poles, the posters of his NPP counterpart, the Hon. Martin Adjei Mensah Korsah a couple of months ago. Though some culprits were apprehended red-handed in the act, the softhearted Martin still found enough space in his heart to forgive, advised and educated these innocent souls on the legal implications of what they were doing. He went on to plead with them to desist from the act ignoring the numerous calls on him to prosecute them.

With every hope that this animalistic behavior would be dropped and replaced with clean and purposeful campaign, Mr. Beyere took the gentility and the peace-loving posture of the Hon. Martin to be weakness or cowardice and wouldn’t back down. Mr. Beyere has now legalized poster defacing and billboard destruction in Techiman and his guys are everywhere advertising and carrying out the act with impunity. After realizing that people are discerning and are no more interested in his divisive tribal vituperations, his next strongest campaign strategy is to make sure every poster, billboard, T-shirt and anything Martin Adjei Mensah Korsah is destroyed by his assigns in the night. Verbal complaints, local radio news and announcements at the various communities and suburbs have rather emboldened Mr. Beyere’s guys to do more destruction.

It is now clear that Mr. Beyere has really rebranded the NDC in Techiman South to the dismay of even the NDC core members themselves. Since the inception of this Fourth Republic, all the parties have fielded parliamentary candidates, campaigned and went through elections without dividing the people or breaching the peace of the town. The emergence of Mr. Beyere as a parliamentary candidate has seen heightened inter party and intra-party tribal divisions in the constituency.

A careful analysis of Mr. Beyere’s strategies and attitude is proving that he is gradually introducing the abhorrent system of “apartheid” as was practised in South Africa of yesteryears. Though the whites were found on the lands of the Africans, they initiated and perpetrated all the ill-treatments against the very African indigenes who hosted them. Should Mr. Beyere be allowed to colonize Techiman or hold everybody hostage for the next four months of political campaign because of his parliamentary bid? Is this not the same as the collapsed apartheid system in South Africa?

Not quite long ago, this very Christopher Beyere led a policeman to ransack the residence of a prominent citizen of the town on suspicion that voter registration exercise was taking place there, only to find nothing there. Now, he is making every effort to frustrate his political opponent, another gentle indigene. The descent and peace-loving rank and file of the NDC should please sit Mr. Beyere down before his ugly strategies escalate to soil the name of the party in Techiman. Mr. Beyere should stop it because somebody is pumping money into producing the posters and billboards if the peace and unity in the constituency is not his priority.

Albert, Techiman.


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