Central Region has been anointed to take all 23 Seats this year,2020 – Mr Lord Commey


Central Region has been anointed to take all 23 Seats this year,2020 – Mr Lord Commey

“When we talk of regions whose contribution massively gave the NPP victory in 2016 ,central region is one”
“Leadership at the national party has from today annoited the regional campaign team. The trumpet is sounded and we’re battle ready to go to the field. Through the positive and firm nature of Mr Robert Kutin junior, the regional chairman, the Lord has brought us this far,and is moving with us to another victory this year”
These were the words of the Director of operations at the presidency and Deputy chairman of the NPP’s national campaign team, Mr Lord Oblittey Commey.

Over the weekend,at Mankessim, the New Patriotic Party in central region outdoored her thirty member campaign team(committee) and mandated the team to facilitate and ensure the retainment of all already won seats ,to capture the remaining four from the NDC. This is the operation 100% winning agenda.It was at this inauguration that the 2020 deputy campaign manager of the ruling New Patriotic Party, pronounced in the presence of the party’s Constituency Officers,MMDCEs, MPs PCs , Ministers and deputy minister that central region was blessed with Grace to be victorious once again in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary Elections.

He pleaded with current Constituency Chairmen to hold the forte and aim at Victory
“All new chairmen must ensure the retention of the seat,new ones should hold the forte to ensure that the seat won through the hard work of their predecessors do not go away”
“It is better to go to the battlefield with a few deciplilend battalion that a large indisciplined team, get your ready for battle” he added.

The director of operations indicated that “the first step at this critical moment is to tune our minds to a certain level…victory consciousness as you have proofed to the country that central region belongs to the NPP.

Winning this year’s Elections depends largely on C/R for the records are there to show, from former president Kuffour to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo

Mr Commey requested “Our ways , attitudes and all we think about should gear towards bringing victory. Though herculean may be the task,you have able men and women to do justice to the job”

“This year’s campaign is a retail one. Meaning, everyone is inclusive. Everybody is getting involved especially as COVID-19 has put restrictions on mass gathering”, he concluded.

In his vehement acceptance of the mandate given him, Mr Kingsford Robert Kutin Jnr, central Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, doubling as the chairman for the 2020 Regional Campaign Team laconically asserted “We accept the mandate given us today. I pledge to lead a victorious campaign. The president must be assured that our seats would be protected and the remaining ones snatched through hard work and continuous face to face interactions with the people”

Mr Richard Takyi Mensah, central regional amanuensis of the new Patriotic Party , expressed his joy at the level of achievement of NPP in a space of three and a half years. “NPP builds while the NDC always comes to destroy. This year we are going to make a strong fence around our countless achievements, especially the Free SHS which NDC wants to come one day and abolish. They delight in canceling our good policies without an alternative”
The Indefatigable secretary went on to announce that “the national party launches this year’s manifesto here in the region next week Saturday, August 22,2020, central is very proud to host such a programme”

In an interview with the region’s youth Organizer, Mr Anthony Kwesi Sackey disclosed how poised the youth of central region were to work for the party. “The youth for whose future NPP keeps building are game to work in an extraordinary way for the president and all parliamentary candidates on the ticket of NPP. We cannot afford to swap youth empowerment/ development with embargoes , DECEPTION, embezzlement, cancellation of allowances, and incompetence which characterized the Mahama administration. In any case,who would you vote for, the one who gave us Free Dumsor for four years or the one giving us free SHS,free water and Electricity for six months and beyond which the former is against”?, he quizzed.

The party Officers assured their national officials of a hundred percent capture of all 23 Seats in the region.

Story by
Abraham Papa AYESU


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