According to Manasseh Azure Awuni…

“The darkest night, they say, is the moment just before dawn. For President John Dramani Mahama, however, immediately after sunset, a dreadful sign of a long and gloomy night ahead. But he had to brave the emotional odds and face the nation from his official Cantonments residence in the nation’s capital, Accra. The familiar faces of men and women surrounding him that evening bore expressions that accentuated the gravity of the moment, advertising the melancholy that subdued their beings like a depressing and incurable epidemic. These men and women were the pallbearers of a regime whose sudden demise had just been announced and whose burial would take place a few weeks later by jubilant undertakers on the other side of the political duopoly. They did not speak, but if their bodies and minds were the central processing units, their faces were the monitors on which their thoughts and emotions could be read…”

“Across the country, millions stayed glued to their television and radio sets, listening and watching with either heavy hearts or delight, depending on where they stood. They were intermittent cheers and applause from the party faithful around, but the President did not seem to notice them; for their applause and cheers did not change the mournful look on his face. They did not elicit a smile or nod in acknowledgement. The sages of old were right: greetings are of no use to a dying man. So were cheers of no significance to a man whose political fire was being painfully extinguished…”

“He had failed to secure a re-election, the first time a sitting president had contested and lost an election since Ghana gained political independence from the British in 1957…”

“For many, this was a monumental failure on his part. His government had failed. His party had failed. His appointees had failed. But he was the mascot of that regime, an embodiment of the success and failure of the nation in the past four years. He was the leader and a symbol of that failure”.

1. After serving a little over three years in power as President of the Republic of Ghana and considering the true leadership exhibited thus far in these times of Coronavirus pandemic and its fight thereof, can Akufo-Addo, the man who caused political havoc to John Dramani Mahama in 2016 aid history to repeat itself?

2. What must John Mahama and his NDC cohorts do to capture power from President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo?

3. Can John Dramani Mahama, ever be given the mandate of the masses to serve the nation as President?

4. Will you vote for Mahama again?

Credit: Manasseh Azure Awuni: THE FOURTH JOHN; Part One (The Journey To The Top)-Chapter One (An Inglorious Sunset), Chapter Thirty-Two (Can A Failed Mahama Ever Succeed?), Chapter Thirty-Three (Will You Vote For Mahama Again?).

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