Since The Defeat Of COVID-19 Does Not Lie In One’s Location

It seems like a riddle wrapped up in an enigma why some political actors have tried, several times, to revile the Free S.HS policy at the least opportunity.

This deliberate exacerbation of the few challenges faced by this pro-poor policy by the NDC hasn’t waned as the opposition party has launched another sets of vituperative attacks on the policy as there have been a few reported cases of COVID-19 infections in some schools.

The opposition NDC, the Minority in Parliament, held a press conference and demanded an immediate closure of schools to prevent further spread of the virus, they added.

Angel Cabonou of NAGRAT and some parents have joined in this crusade for schools to be closed due to few reported cases its spread.

GNAT has suggested that while it may not support closures of schools, it would urge the Government to test the students’ population of all schools with reported cases of COVID-19 infections.

While the suggestion of GNAT could be looked at, that of Angel Cabonou and some parents are premature, in my considered view.

Though one doesn’t wish and anticipate these cases to rise, I hold the view that we are not in a stage where it would be neccessary for the Government to close down schools.

It is not as though the homes of these students are safe havens where COVID-19 cannot affect them, the virus can be contracted anywhere in the world. What should be preached is the need to observe safety measures and protocols related to the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

It is erroneous to believe that students going home would stall the spike in the infections of COVID-19. It is the strict adherence to the protocols that would help curb the spread.

It must also be stated that the students who are reported to have contracted the virus did not contract it in their schools. They transported it from their various homes.

The Ghana Health Service can better manage the situation since students are clustered in their halls and classrooms.

Parents should exercise restraint and not panic. The virus is everywhere and we can only defeat it if we are able to go along with the safety protocols.

As for the NDC, their call is malicious and tends to make Government and the Electoral Commission look bad in the eyes of parents.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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