Calling for Unity Among Kumawuman Citizens to Liberate the Locality from the Oppressors’ Rule

Until Kumawuman is liberated from intentional oppression directed at cowing the people to impoverish them and their locality, I shall never have a wink of sleep. I see myself as one of the vessels of God being used alongside many others, to fight the suppression of Kumawuman citizens by some so-called powerful traditional overlord intended to exploit, if not rob, the locality of its farmlands and wealth.
It will sadden anyone who really cares about the people of Kumawuman to see how Kumawu, let alone, the other smaller towns and villages, is suffering lack of jobs for the youth and the disfiguring of the township through massive erosion culminating in some houses standing many feet above their bared ground foundation.
Poor traditional leadership can directly be blamed for the eyesore state of many towns and villages in Kumawuman, especially Kumawu, the seat of the paramount chief and the headquarters of the Kumawu Sekyere District.
For how long are we going to sit down doing nothing while some people without right, but pretend to have, descend on Kumawuman, impose a royal of their choice with whom they can easily siphon off the wealth of the locality, on Kumawuman people as their paramount chief?
Our forefathers fought at the expense of their lives to acquire us the lands and resources which some latter-day greedy traditional overlords, intend to usurp for their myopic and selfish interests while the locality lays in ruins with the people devastated by poverty and lack of jobs for themselves and their offspring.
No, God will never accept that Kumawuman is possessed by an outside traditional overlord with false claim of authority over the area hence appointing vessels of whom Rockson Adofo, the proud son of Kumawu/Asiampa is one, to resist such oppressors.
I am calling on Kumawuman citizens the world over to identify themselves with the liberation war being waged against the injustices, usurpation and intimidations being meted out to the inhabitants of Kumawuman. We should not sit down watching and doing nothing while an Asantehene asserts that he has the right over Kumawuman, therefore he can do as he wants when he wants, in Kumawuman. No, he has not that power and I can put my head on the block to dare him to provide his source of power or proof as may be enshrined in conventions acceptable to the membership of Asanteman Council, once the Asante Confederacy.
I pray that any Kumawuman citizen who may not be interested in the affairs of Kumawuman should please not engage in any activities that may strengthen the hands of the usurpers to weaken those of us fighting for justice, freedom and peace for Kumawuman. If you don’t care, some discerning Ghanaians do!
Kumawuman sub-chiefs who by their selfish and greedy quests have surrendered their knowledge of Kumawuman history to support those come to steal from Kumawuman, must rethink their behaviour for “all that glitters is not gold”. Let us pursue an agenda that is in the best collective interests of Kumawuman and her citizens. Let us support the truth and fight our corner.
God willing, we shall prevail to bring smiles back on the face of now dejected Kumawuman citizens.
Rockson Adofo
Thursday, 04 June 2020


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