Dear DG,
I have read with dismay a communique issued by CHASS given counter directives on the modalities for sharing the INTERVENTION MONEY government released to the senior high schools over two weeks ago.

Sir, for the avoidance of doubt kindly take a look at some of the issues CHASS is purporting to have been arrived at, at a meeting with Lawyer Boateng (DDG).

“Outcome of NEC meeting with DDG (Lawyer Boateng)
3. Briefing from the meeting- Primus Baro
a) It is Intervention money for COVID 19 and not. Motivation money. This semester there is no motivation money. Motivation was paid for only 1st Semester
b) From the amount this is the formula for sharing
I. Take 5% from the amount for Management
II. After the 5% Let the remainder be 100% Of that take 20% for day schools and 30% for boarding schools for Non Teaching Staff and 70% /80% for Teaching Staff
III. Heads of Institutions are part of the teaching staff
IV. Square the 70% to 100% then take 50% of that as base line for all teachers across board
V. Of the remaining 50% take 30% and pay to Form 3 and 2 Gold Teachers
VI. The remaining 20% for special duties ( those staff that were involved in the COVID 19 activities – screening, etc)

Respectfully Sir, is CHASS telling us that government decided to pay covid-19 intervention money to SHS teachers only and wilfully ignored those at the basic schools?

Intervention money as it is known predates covid-19, is CHASS telling teachers that the government is yet to pay the intervention money?

Infact, is the government going to pay any other money in the name of intervention?

DG, if my memory serves me right, your outfit asked all SHS teachers to help in the teaching of the students as class sizes were reduced to almost half the normal class size. On what basis then, should CHASS be given directives that certain percentage should be reserved for form 3 and SHS 2 gold teachers? Shouldn’t they rather be showing gratitude to those who should have stayed home in other to protect themselves but rather chose to brace the covid storm?

I would like to end by stating that CHASS is an association whose membership does not go beyond 1000 and if this is allowed to pass, it will definitely peg the over 100,000 teachers who teach at the SHS against the government.

The government directives/modalities for sharing the intervention money was clearly stated in your letter and the majority of teachers received it in good faith, kindly order CHASS to stick to the said modalities.

I hope my concerns are looked at as soon as possible as the anger in teachers is beginning to rise.



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