Burkina Faso, Guinea Refuse To Receive Citizens Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus In Ghana


While the UK was repatriating its citizens in Ghana to their place of birth, the scenario in Africa is in a way funny a clear exhibition of our ignorance.

Ghana is facing a diplomatic hurdle as it attempts to repatriate Burkinabe and Guinean citizens who tested positive for coronavirus in Tamale, the Northern Region capital.

Northern Region Minister, Salifu Saeed, has disclosed that authorities in Guinea are reluctant to receive eight of their citizens who tested positive for coronavirus in Ghana.

The eight Guineans have been quarantined in Tamale.

“Our headache is that the Guinean authorities are saying they will not agree for us to return them,” the Minister said at a media briefing on Wednesday.

Also, two Burkinabes remain in quarantine in Ghana as their home country threatens to return Ghanaians who are critically ill in their country and receiving treatment.

Addressing the media in Tamale, the Northern Region capital, Mr Saeed said the Foreign Affairs Ministry is treading cautiously on the matter to prevent a diplomatic row.

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