Bruce Bullu Liman writes; The management of Joy News deserves commendations of all


Bruce Bullu Liman writes; The management of Joy News especially, deserves commendations of all

, Today is a day set aside, world over, to celebrate teachers. The day this year can’t pass without me sharing my reflection.

Having studied science at my Senior High School level, and having loved quiz contests, represented my school, at contests in and out my school’s town, since my days at St Johns R/C Primary and JHS, in Tuna of the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district of the Savannah Region, I hardly skip following the yearly National Science and Mathematics Quiz (NSMQ) .

This year’s hasn’t been different. I followed the contest via various platforms ranging from social media to main media.

I must commend the organizers and stakeholders of the program, such as Primetime, the Ghana Education Service and Multimedia especially, for bringing listeners and viewers up to date contests and reactions of this program.

The management of Joy News especially, deserves commendations of all, for the up to date reactions and interviews they present viewers and followers of this noble program.

This year’s contest revealed the level of preparedness, development and preparations schools have attached to science education and contests.

I am particularly happy with the manner in which schools which hitherto weren’t known to be good at the sciences; ie the Physics, the Chemistry, the Biology and the Elective or Further Maths, for staging strong cases of telling traditionally known science schools such as Prempeh College, St Peter’s Second, St Augustine’s College, Pope John’s Minor Seminary, St Francis Xavier Minor Seminary , among others that they are names but here is a contest.

My initial postmortem reveals most of these ‘big schools’ schools fell due to the fact that their levels of comprehending the English Language used in the last two-rounds of the contests especially, ie ; the true/false and riddles aspect, are weak and hence affects them in their answers.

Permit me to sound hilarious here. Because of English, the coastal schools are reigning😀

The schools who don’t comprehend the English very very well misfire during riddles and true/false questions.

Like by now , for instance, Eastern Region’s St Peters and Sofoline’s Prempeh College are still in the contest. But due to English, they were beaten by tricky components of the English Language.

Teachers of science schools should place priority at teaching science students English too. Some concentrate so much on calculus related to the detriment of comprehension.

And hence these science products fumble when confronted with some English on papers or on air 😄

In ending, I wish all contesting schools still in the contest, the best of luck. May the best science school this year, emerge victorious. And to Dr. Elsie Kauffman and her team, I wish to say keep up the good job. Many are following and your impacts in schools are unimaginable. God bless you.

Ayekoo and congratulations to all teachers. Especially to all teachers of the sciences . God bless you all. You do your individual bests to make the sciences appealing to everyone. More grease to your elbows.

Some of us suffered it and had to take serious English lessons after SHS although we passed all subjects including English and social studies without any NovDec.

It’s a reality. Schools with strong priorities at science program must take steps to ensure science students don’t skip English Language classes 😀 . Good day everyone. And thank you .


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