The parliament of Ghana which doubles as the legislative arm of our governance system is highly revered and so one would think that all Ghanaians who are privileged enough to operate in there would conduct themselves with the highest sense of decorum, integrity and self respect.

Every person who gets to be referred to by the Honorable prefix need to examplify that reference. Each member of the house derives their legitimacy from the people who voted for them in their respective constituencies.

Hon, lydia Seyram Alhassan needs to be highly commended especially for how she was able to gather courage in her most trying time to step out, contest and win a parliamentary by-election. This commendable show of courage and strength in a trait quite uncommon in our nation where widows are most often than not totally devastated by the passing of their partners and for months or years can’t motivate themselves to do practically anything. Hon, lydia Seyram Alhassan deserved a standing ovation rather than that crude, discriminatory and crass show of vulgarity that the minority demonstrated in the house of parliament. Funnily, some of the MPs even had the placards turned upside down, inarguably this certainly confirms their incompetence.

The minority NDC chose to walk out as Hon Lydia Seyram Alhassan was being sworn in because they had issues with the way the elections were conducted. They claim violence was used as a tool to aid the victor.

What the minority who are vividly showing signs of short memory comfortable chose to forget is that in their midst is one supposed honorable, Linda Ocloo who lost her husband and contested in similar fashion as Hon Lydia did to get the nod of her constituents to get the parliament. In the estimation of the dishonest minority Linda Ocloo is not a bloody widow. One can clearly see how selective amnesia has engulfed the whole minority fold.

In this day and age where all inclusiveness and gender parity is the goal, the NDC minority chose to insult the integrity of Hon Seyram Alhassan and show their disrespect to all Ghanaian widows.

Now, I ask these questions:

  1. Inusah Fuseini lost his wife through childbirth a while back, does the minority which he is a part of suggest that he had a hand in his wife’s death and so is a Bloody Widow.
  2. Linda Ocloo who cruised into parliament on the back of sympathy votes resulting from the death of her husband must also be a Bloody Widow.

For me as a native of Brong Ahafa and resident in Sunyani, it is very laughable when the NDC party said they were displeased with a supposed violence that allegedly took place at La Bawaleshie during the by-election. Have they forgotten so soon how their thugs, goons, machomen and criminals have for years systematically harassed, beaten, maimed and killed innocent civilians, Sankore and Kukuom Mehame readily come to mind. This is a part of Ghana where the NPP was barred from going. A sitting MPs brother openly declared on radio that the NDC is a party that kills people daily and dared NPP bigwigs to set foot there. true to his word, Mr John Boadu had a taste of his British thuggery. The NDC should come to these two places and see what their own party did to residents there. If they had any shred of integrity left, they themselves would arrest Alhaji Collins Dauda and Eric Opoku and hand them over to the police for these dastardly acts undertaken by their boys in those towns.

Chereponi, Talensi (after which the famous violence begets violence statement was made), Atiwa, Akwatia, the LMVCA protest etc are still fresh in our minds and its victims still live with the after effects. The NDC goons and thugs still walk free. I ask, when will they be brought to book?

Ex President John Evans Atta Mills once said he isn’t a policeman to go round and arrest people causing mayhem at polling stations.

Ex President John Mahama also bragged that the NDC are not cowards and were even born out of a revolution.

H.E President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo has set up a presidential committee to investigate what went on at AWW and even before they start work the NDC leadership in its usual manner of operation has cast doubt on the expected outcome.

I dont recall any commissions or committees being set up when NPP supporters and citizens were attacked and killed or maimed.

Finally, I hear calls for the sack of Mr Bryan acheampong, this is preposterous. If for anything at all the gentleman deserves high praise and a promotion for acting right on time to save the nation from the wicked plot the NDC and its parliamentary candidate had planned. I doff my hat to him

The development that we all seek as a nation will only be attained in absolute peace. I urge our state security apparatus to continue to act swiftly and efficiently in the nations interest to protect lives and properties.

It is shameful and an affront to the dignity of women worldwide for the NDC party in Ghana to label a fellow female parliamentarian by that tag and I implore all gender groups, women’s associations, the Queen mothers association of Ghana and all who abhor maltreatment of women to stand up and demand an unconditional apology and retraction of that tag from the NDC minority.

I pray that the NDC in protest of Hon Lydia Alhassan’s presence in parliament will forever keep walking out.