I never met Krofasa Issah but I heard tall tales told about his magical powers. I was even told that he had an eye of one gentleman from my Derma town removed and fixed it once again.

The gentleman, though older than us, was our JSS classmate. The eye remains defective till today, though they said Krofasa Issah was a great magician.

I saw Osei Broni, Krofasa Osei Broni, a fair, handsome magician who used to frequent my town, Derma and the adjoining towns.

There was this man we used to call Agya Maa. Those who patronized his show one night said he made Agya Maa carry his dwarf on his head and the dwarf could be heard talking to the man. I wasn’t there, was a bit young but the townsfolk used to tease Agya Maa till he was no more.

There was a lady who was asked to hold some newspapers and showed it to the viewing audience. The story goes that Osei Broni turned it into human excreta and the young lady was given a name which I am refraining from mentioning here for obvious reasons. She was a year ahead of me at the JSS level.

Later, a few ones who were tricksters came but that era would soon fade away as the fetish priests regained their battered reputations. Osofo Komfo) Damoah passed through my town along the line. We later learned that he was no more.

That era is gone. That era is here. That period of magical works and fetish priests commanding respect appears to have gone away. That same era is here with a bang!

A bit confusing, right! It is not. I would say that most of these ‘prophets’ of one-man churches are the magicians of old. These affluent self-styled prophets of God are the fetish priests of yesterday.

It is a simple matter of rebranding. If they hold on to the old ways of dressing, perform their magical works and other stuffs, the attraction would not be there.

Simply stating the obvious, majority of these prophets are but magicians and fetish priests draped in cassock with the Bible being used to convince the general public of their genuineness.

Folks, let’s worship God through Christ. Let us worship Allah as the Holy Quran dictates to us. Many of these prophets are but angels of doom. Many of these prophets are mere mortals who cannot even give us paracetamol when we fall ill. There are true ones out there, we need to strive to locate those ones.

P.K. Sarpong


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