#BawumiaIsRight takes Twitter by storm


A social media trend with the hashtag #BawumiaIsRight on Wednesday afternoon took twitter by storm.

The hashtag, which peaked among the top 5 most trending issues in Ghana on the social media site, was in defence of the Vice President in his recent response to former President John Mahama.

Following the former President’s recent criticism of the Akufo-Addo government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Bawumia launched a stinging reply to John Mahama earlier this week by reminding the former President how he mismanaged the economy and also how he failed to put in place mitigating measures to help business which were collapsed by 4 years of dumsor under his watch as President.

The Vice President’s riposte didn’t go down well with the rank and file of the NDC, who have since launched attacks on Dr. Bawumia.

But Wednesday’s #BawumiaIsRight trend hit back on his behalf.

Twitter users unleashed several tweets to remind former President Mahama how Ghanaians suffered and businesses collapsed during four years of dumsor under his watch.

Many users also tweeted to commend Dr. Bawumia for his ability to stand up to the NDC and expose them any time he speaks.

It’s humorous reading from the Mahama camp twist themselves into logical knots trying to avoid admitting that Vice president Bawumia has all along been spot on with his comparative analysis on the ‘Dumsor’ and COVID-19 crises.

This government has been able to transform the mess it inherited from former President Mahama’s government, stating that data on all economic indicators buttress his point.



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