By Charles Anakwah – April 22, 2020108

Ernest Owusu Bempah, the Communications Director of Ghana Gas Company Limited , today revisited the circumstances surrounding the death of Professor John Evans Atta-Mills by making a fresh revelation that the former President died in Nigeria.

This revelation likely to generate a lot of controversy runs counter to the generally held belief that the former President died either at the Osu Castle (which was then serving as the seat of government) or on his way to the hospital

Mr. Owusu Bempah did not give further details to back his claim when he spoke on Wontumi Television and Radio on Wednesday. However, he raised a number of issues which he wants members of the late Professor Atta-Mills government at that time to answer before the matter could be put to rest.

According to Mr. Owusu-Bempah, the timing of the late President’s death and the failure to make public the coroner’s report raise a number of questions which are beckoning for answers.

He said for the suspicion to be put to sleep, these and other substantive issues such as the failure to disclose the identity of the person who first chanced upon the body of the former President as well as denying the pubic access to the CCTV footage that is supposed to contain the recordings on Professor Atta-Mills last days at the Osu Castle.

They owe it a duty to the good people of Ghana to answer all these questions else the suspicion that the truth is being deliberately shelved would continue to dominate the thoughts of the anxious public.

The actual cause of the death of the former President has always remained a mystery with none of the family members still not ready to make a disclosure based on his medical report to satisfy the curiosity of an an anxious public.

The NDC government at that time did not come out with the details of the cause of death of Professor Atta-Mills to set the stage for speculations to flourish.

Withholding information on the cause of death of the then sitting President has been counter productive as it has activated the rumour mill which has been churning out various theories. One of such theories has been that he may have died from “severe complications of stroke.”

It has also been speculated that, “Professor Atta-Mills suffered from progressive throat cancer which affected his eyesight and ability to hear well.”

A brother of the late President, Dr. Cadman Mills, was quoted as saying that, “the Professor was one of the loneliest Presidents Ghana ever had and that his Ministers and persons close to him at the Presidency never even bothered to engage him in conversations.”

Professor Atta-Mills was the President of the Republic in 2009 and died in 2012. He was earlier the Vice President under former President J.J Rawlings from 1997-2001


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