Ato Forson should spare us his unintelligent economic analysis when we have a bigger challenge on our hands.

We are grappling with this conundrum of a virus, a situation that has resulted in a national fasting and prayers session, and you are talking about economic matters. What Economics do you know to be walking around like some cistern of knowledge in the arena of Economics?

If you knew how to manage an economy well, would you have plunged Ghana into that abyss that it had to take Dr. Bawumia and his team to restore confidence in same?

After telling the IMF that you were incapable of running your own affairs and, therefore, they should come for the bunch of keys to the economy, you now come to us as though you were some form of a kahuna in economic management and professing solutions to us!

We are still fasting and praying and so, do not have the luxury of time to be listening to his empty prognostic theories.

P.K. Sarpong

Published by Mr Kelly Brown

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